July 18, 2017: WGOM Summer Mix 2016 (Remastered)

Hey, everyone. I went back and re-edited the 2016 mix in this year's style (which I had originally planned last year but then got lazy). I like this year's mix, but I like last year's sliiiiightly more.

Anyway, grab a copy here if you'd like. Only 2 different quality levels, and it's not that big a difference anyway.

01PrinceLet's Go Crazy
02Hop AlongSister Cities
03Khun NarinLong Wat
04Sturgill SimpsonKeep It Between The Lines
06David BowieHeroes
08Tom PettyAmerican Girl
09The MonkeesYou Bring The Summer
10Car Seat HeadrestVincent
11Horse LordsTruthers
12Thao & The Get Down Stay DownNobody Dies
13The Explorers ClubSummer Days Summer Nights
14DieselSausalito Summernight
15Girl BandI Love You
17Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night SweatsI Need Never Get Old
18Alabama ShakesThe Greatest
19Massive AttackVoodoo In My Blood
20New KingdomAnimal
21Julien BakerEverybody Does
22William TylerSunken Garden
23PrinceIt's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (live)

(I did swap out the last Prince song for a different live performance of the same song. Much tighter.)

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      1. Because you'd obviously rather have two utility infielders on your bench than to have a power threat.

          1. I never thought of that! And when we beat them with a forty-four year old starting pitcher, too. We're just toying with them, really!

  1. This might be the first CoC image I've seen that didn't have coffee. Everything I know and count on might be all wrong. Maybe someone can photoshop half-bake a bean or cup or something in there; I'm having trouble facing this frightening new reality.

    1. ha! i was actually planning on doing exactly that, but was in a rush this morning and didn't think anyone would care one way or other. i should have known better.

          1. Well I, for one, am breathing easier. Half-bakef or not, I'm leaning on this place for sanity in this world.

  2. Zucchini is in season in our garden, so last night I made zucchini bread (using basically this recipe, plus raisins. The baking times were off a bit (yes, at first it was just... half baked) - I'm guessing I needed to have removed some of the liquid from the zucchini, but the instructions didn't call for it, so I left it in).

    I also made a really really awesome cake. Blueberry zucchini cake. I'll frost it after work today and then eat far too much of it this evening.

  3. So, the sociopath of my two cats has completely opened up to me and even lays next to me and not-so-subtly begs for attention now, while the one who was friendly and open at first is retreating a little bit. I love these weirdos.

  4. I'm scheduled for FKB on Thursday, but real life has intervened and I have a funeral to attend, so things will be pushed back a week or so.

  5. Former Twins first baseman Justin Morneau was at Target Field Monday to prepare for his broadcasting debut on Tuesday, when he will be part of Fox Sports North’s pregame show. Morneau, 36, remains open to signing with a team as he and wife Krista await the couple’s fourth child.

  6. I think I wrote this Play Index query correctly:

    When he takes the mound tonight, Bartolo Colón will be the oldest pitcher to start for the Twins franchise ever, aged 44 years, 55 days. Prior to Colón, the oldest pitcher to start a game for the Twins was Joe Niekro on 29 April 1988, aged 43 years, 174 days. Coincidentally, Niekro started that game six days after replacing the then second- [HT: sean] third-oldest starter in Twins history, Steve Carlton, who started his own last game aged 43 years, 123 days. Connie Marrero was the oldest starter prior to Niekro; he made his final start for the Senators on 07 September 1954, aged 43 years, 135 days.

    If Colón makes it through the fourth inning, he will have pitched further into the game than any of his three oldest Twins counterparts.

    1. I double checked and Colón will be the oldest starter since 1913. PI doesn't go before that, but that leaves only 12 years for the franchise. One nit is that Carlton was the third oldest in his start because Niekro broke Marrero's record four days earlier.

      1. Derp. Should've thought to look at Niekro's earlier starts in '88. I'll blame researching over lunch. Corrected.

        1. I did a search for all games started for the Twins franchise, ordered by age. The top of the list requires a bit of parsing to figure out the order since three of the top four are from 1988. The rest is Marrero through 11.

  7. Happy Anniversary to Beau!

    And NBBW and I made 30 clicks today. (Of course she's on a work trip so it's me watching the master Blade-Smiths on Forged in Fire).

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