Game 101: Twins at Oakland

I suppose I could "Sell hope" and say that the Twins still have a shot of getting back into thing because the next week or so,  they play the dregs of the AL and NL. But I'm not doing that. This team does not have the bullpen arms to make it.

But I also hope they don't trade off the good players for pennies. If Ervin Santana is pitching for us in September thats fine by me.  If he gets flipped for Mike Trout, thats cool too.

Jaime Garcia gets his first (only?) start for the Twins. We'll see how his stuf plays in the American League. The A's are tossing out a rookie named Daniel Gossett. (insert seligshrug.gif here)

29 thoughts on “Game 101: Twins at Oakland”

  1. They still need a defense against the dark arts teacher shortstop, too.

    I was just listening to the interview with Molitor, and he seemed excited to get Buxton back on Tuesday.

    Also, Smalley's in the booth! I don't know if I could've taken much more Black Jack.

  2. it's fun to watch the video with the radio audio feed just to see how much the announcers stretch the truth (both dazzle and provus).

  3. No matter the method or context, I'll take a Twins win over a Twins loss 6/6 days, and twice on Sunday.

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