90 thoughts on “Game 106: Lone Star vs. North Star”

  1. Conversation that just happened behind me:

    Dad: Napoli's going to hit it really hard because he has a sweet beard.

    Son: But you're terrible at hitting a baseball, Dad.

    1. Steve Palermo, memorialized on all umpires' shirtsleeves this season, was part of that crew.

  2. Not a great first inning, but a nice recovery. Now he has to keep it going and put some zeroes up.

  3. Hard to be impressed by a 30-pitch 1-run allowed first inning, but I'm pretty impressed.

    Of course, that inning won't help these splits:
    Bases empty: .329/.424/.601
    Men on: .196/.259/.288

    Maybe Mejia should just pitch from the stretch all the time. Although, I don't think there's a big difference from his wind up and his stretch. So maybe he should just become a reliever and just be brought into games with men already on base.

  4. Rosario didn't have his glove on for the first pick to Gomez because he was just finishing tying his shoe.

      1. Deer's #2 comp is Incaviglia. Incaviglia doesn't have Deer in his top ten, but they do share Willingham (#1 for Deer, #2 for Incaviglia).

  5. I haven't seen a lot of Mejia, but on pitches that are located where he wants them it looks like his back leg is flowing from the runner naturally. When he throws a pitch that looks to miss badly, it looks like he's kicking his back foot to the right. I'm no expert, but I hope that's something the coaches have noticed and are working on.

  6. Anybody know where Jeff Smith is tonight? Looks like Rudy Hernández is out there in his place.

  7. I have the house to myself for a few days, so I wandered down to the game tonight and planned to buy a cheap ticket and just sit wherever. A Twins employee walked up to me and asked if I was by myself and planning to buy a ticket. When I said yes, she handed me a free ticket in the 6 down the third base line and said someone had returned it and she hasn't been able to find someone alone until me.

  8. Mejía's been up 0-2 on the last three hitters? No wonder this has taken forever.

    1. If Mauer loses a Gold Glove for one error, that's as ridiculous as awarding one to Rafael Palmeiro the season he played 28 games at first.

      1. My theory was that he would get more press toward a Gold Glove if he went the whole season without an error, even though errors are meaningless. Of course, Gold Gloves are pretty much meaningless when players in the past have not won because they didn't hit enough.

  9. I'm no expert, but it seems to me it would've been a good idea for someone to cover first on that play.

  10. Is there a steady 30 mph wind in Minneapolis tonight? What's with all these blankets & toques?

        1. Is when it's 25 degrees cooler than the day before. It's shorts weather in March and jackets in September August. Plus doesn't help to be sitting there either.

        2. People would be out in parkas here. At least the ones who actually have a weather app on their phones. Otherwise, shorts and flip-flops because it's SoCal.

  11. Gee is the 21st different person I've seen pitch for the Twins in person this season.

      1. Just realized I forgot Santana because I didn't have my scorebook that game. 22!

  12. Dick & Roy are dancing around it, but their criticism of Billy Smith & TR is coming through.

    1. I understand Dick and Roy work for the Twins, but it doesn't impress me to criticize Smith and Ryan now, a year after they're both gone, when you didn't do it at the time.

      1. Not only did they not criticize them at the time, but think of how often they praised their work over time.

    1. He must be quite a bit taller than his listed 6'5", or Sanó shorter than 6'4".

      1. Gallo is taller, because Sano is a legit 6'4" (he was just chatting with Mauer during the pricing change so easy comparison)

  13. Rehab report: Hector Santiago has pitched four shutout innings so far for Rochester, giving up three hits and a walk and striking out five. He remains in the game to start the fifth. His pitch count is at 63.

    Glen Perkins pitched a perfect inning for Fort Myers, getting one strikeout. The other two outs were a line out and a fly out, both to center field.

  14. So much for the fourth inning. Odds of being sent to Rochester after the game? I put it at 75%.

    1. I'm not convinced Mejía has anything left to learn pitching to minor leaguers, but there would be other roster reasons to make the move.

    1. Plus the not covering first play (poor communication by all involved, but he was probably in the best position to cover that up).

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