Game 107: Old New Senators @ Old Senators

Two franchises bound by a common former home. Frank Howard was easily the star of the old new Washington Senators. Howard totaled 26.6 rWAR during his time in the District of Columbia; only Ken McMullen, a third baseman imported from the Dodgers along with Howard in December 1964, joined Hondo above 20 rWAR (21.3). Meanwhile, six Twins posted at least that much during the same period: Killebrew (50.4), Oliva (42.7), Allison (30.4), Kaat (29.3), Perry (25.8), and one other player.

Who was the sixth Twin to top 20 rWAR between 1961-1971, when those old new Senators left nine-year-old RFK Stadium for a minor league ballpark in Texas with no covered seating?

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  1. Pregame jersey/shirsey count:

    Puckett 2
    Mauer 14
    Brennan Boesch(?!)
    Sano 5
    Hunter 2
    Prince Fielder
    Gomez (Brewers)
    Ivan Rodriguez

  2. Beltre is so weird. He took his glove off as soon as Mauer bunted and pretended to throw it at the ball.

  3. The .296 SLG from the right side with a homer. He does have a .419 OBP from that side. Batting as a lefty, he's .248/.361/.396.

      1. That's what I thought. It's a weird split to have a great OBP combined with a poor SLG.

  4. Pérez just threw his 40th pitch of the inning (and game). Naturally, Polanco swings at it & GiDPs to end the inning.

      1. Do you make Polanco take, knowing Pérez is tiring? Or do you let him swing away knowing he needs all three strikes?

        If I'm Molitor, Polanco's going up there with an imaginary bat for the first two pitches.

        1. If it was later in the game or if the Twins were tied or behind, Molitor would probably do that. In that situation, I think he just lets the players have their normal at-bat and doesn't try to overmanage.

          1. I don't mind players having the green light on situations like that (or with a 3-0 count), but I hate when they make weak contact. If you swing with the green line, you better make sure you're going to hit it really hard.

  5. Dick says Mauer's the only Twin who still uses an ash bat; he prefers the flex of ash over stiffer maple. Huh.

    1. I wonder how much of it is familiarity. Mauer is the second-oldest position player on the team, and he's only a bit younger than Gimenez. Next oldest are Dozier and Castro at 30.

  6. Someone two sections over from me is wearing a number seven Twins jersey with "Baby Jesus" as the name.

  7. Sanó way out of the batters circle there. Better not get the attention of the umpire.

  8. Heh, and they play "Sexy and I Know It" for Colón as he warms up for the ninth.

    1. He is the first Twins pitcher to pitch a complete game after his 40th birthday. Who was previously the oldest pitcher to pitch a complete game for the Twins?

      'Spoiler' SelectShow
  9. A few other Twins platers with 1 complete game: PJ Walters, Fransisco Liriano, Dan Serafini, Ricky Nolasco, Jason Ryan (!), (also Senator HoF outfielder Sam Rice )

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