24 thoughts on “Game 108: Rangers @ Twins”

    1. Sorry, didn't know that there was another game log. I was just taking my Saturday turn.

      Looks like CH put a lot more thought into his. Oops.

      1. No big deal. I noticed there wasn't one in the can mid-afternoon and set that one to go live a half hour before game time just in case.

  1. If we are, please note that CarterHayes asked a solid trivia question in the other one. After going through some players who played for both the Twins and Rangers, he said:

    Only a small handful of these shared alumni – less than ten percent – played for only those two teams. The most notable of these was a starter for a Twins team that won more than 90 games. He finished his seven year career with 1.8 rWAR. Who is he?

  2. I don't know what the featured image is, but it was the result when I searched for images with "fail", and that seems appropriate for a Gibson.

    I think it's from Pepper documenting a cake transfer.

  3. So the entire bullpen has thrown 5 innings in the last 5 days and Sano is hurt, and they send down a position player to keep a 8-man bullpen? Very stupid.

    1. He's following the script from last night. Give up two in the top of the first, score four in the bottom of the first.

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