Game 109: T @ TC

Prior to Adrián Beltré, my favorite Ranger was probably Rusty Greer, who received a non-roster invitation to spring training from the Twins in 2005. Greer, whose career had been derailed by numerous injuries, elected to retire instead.

Numerous players have worn uniforms of both the Twins and Rangers in their careers, including Twins broadcasters Bert Blyleven and Roy Smalley, plus bullpen coach Eddie Guardado. Chris Gimenez, now a Twin in large part due relationships he developed elsewhere with the Twins' new front office brain trust, played for Thad Levine in Texas. Heck, Dillon Gee has played for both teams this season.

Only a small handful of these shared alumni – less than ten percent – played for only those two teams. The most notable of these was a starter for a Twins team that won more than 90 games. He finished his seven year career with 1.8 rWAR. Who is he?

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    1. I hope I didn't step on anyone's toes. After yesterday I figured it would better to wait until after the game started to pinch-hit on the game log.

        1. Thanks; it's the situations where I might've stepped on toes – or might've not – that seem the hardest to correctly address.

  1. Heh, I think the guy watching the radar in the dugout should start doing a rain dance as well.

  2. Maybe if we let the Rangers score enough runs, it'll take long enough that a storm will come up and the game will get rained out.

  3. Is there ever a type of game in which Dazzle doesn't think the bunt should come into play?

  4. I wish this Jose Berrios had been around in the first inning, but I'm glad he at least showed up now.

      1. Can we call his cutter (or slider, is whatever) "the planer" after he planed one side of the next batters bat flat?

  5. I didn't realize Brain Dozier had clear the career 400 RBI mark. He is at 402, which is 19th of the all time Twins list. Just passed Zoilo (401), should pass Larry Hisle and Randy Bush (409) soon. Probably won't catch Corey Koskie (437) this year.

  6. I was the first LTE and almost didn't check the actual game ... just in time to see the Rosario big fly!

    1. Yeah, I hated the bunt there. Buxton is fast enough that he has literally scored from first on a single. Granted, it's unlikely, but why not let Polanco see what he can do?

  7. Berrios at 92 pitches through five innings. My guess is he doesn't come out for the sixth.

  8. Good news on the farm so far today. Rochester and Fort Myers have already won. Chattanooga is way ahead. Cedar Rapids is leading as well. Elizabethton plays this evening.

  9. 'The answer to the trivia question posted above is:' SelectShow
      1. A pitcher who won 90+ games in seven years, but retired with a mere 1.5 rWAR for his career would probably be the most fascinating player ever.

    1. I can't imagine he'd ever clear waivers for a trade to be made unless there was some sort of collusion going on.

      1. I really can't, either, but it just seemed so surprising that he came out that it made me wonder.

  10. Dazz, Adrianza turns 28 in a couple of weeks and has been in pro ball since he was 16. I don't think "inexperience" is an issue for him.

  11. Not that I'm opposed to using Hildenberger, but it seems like this would've been a good game to use Dillon Gee.

  12. With Sanó convalescing, Gimenez is the only available player remaining on the bench. Hopefully Molitor doesn't need to figure out how to best deploy him.

  13. FSN shows graphic stating that Mauer swings at 7.4% of first pitches. Of course he's at 2-0.

  14. I don't understand why we keep running Taylor Rogers out there in these situations. I know there aren't a lot of great alternatives, but still, he's been terrible lately. Maybe this'll be the day he snaps out of it. I hope so.

  15. Not intended to prove anything, but Matt Belisle has five career saves, with a high of three for Colorado in 2012.

  16. I bet if the 9th inning has multiple lefties, we'll see Taylor Rogers close things out.

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