August 9, 2017: Dongers And Salami

An impressive offensive display by the Twins last night. Hopefully more of the same in that weird box the Brewers play in.

Meija to the DL though. 🙁

9 thoughts on “August 9, 2017: Dongers And Salami”

      1. Yea, wow.

        I've been drifting in the other direction, largely due to reduced physical activity. Seeing my orthopedist again tomorrow, hoping for a credible plan of action on my ankle. Latest hypothesis is a split peroneus brevis tendon.

  1. I created a WGOM EPL Fantasy Premier League for anyone interested in joining and playing fantasy soccer (I know DG and Mags have played in the past and a few others). League code: 699160-643256. Join here

  2. Women's Rugby World Cup:

    USA-Italy is going into the half 12-7. Two Twin Cities Amazons are in the starting lineup today - Sylvia at inside center, and Stacey at lock

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