August 9, 2017: Dongers And Salami

An impressive offensive display by the Twins last night. Hopefully more of the same in that weird box the Brewers play in.

Meija to the DL though. 🙁

9 thoughts on “August 9, 2017: Dongers And Salami”

  1. Rochester has a day game at 12:30 today. Hector Santiago is scheduled to continue his rehab assignment.

  2. On June 1, I weighed 203 pounds. Today I am down to 190. It's a slow process, but I'm getting there. Onward and downward!

      1. Yea, wow.

        I've been drifting in the other direction, largely due to reduced physical activity. Seeing my orthopedist again tomorrow, hoping for a credible plan of action on my ankle. Latest hypothesis is a split peroneus brevis tendon.

  3. snicker.

    [UCLA quarterback] Josh Rosen ponders Alabama's success if SAT requirement raised, says 'football and school don't go together'

  4. I created a WGOM EPL Fantasy Premier League for anyone interested in joining and playing fantasy soccer (I know DG and Mags have played in the past and a few others). League code: 699160-643256. Join here

  5. Women's Rugby World Cup:

    USA-Italy is going into the half 12-7. Two Twin Cities Amazons are in the starting lineup today - Sylvia at inside center, and Stacey at lock

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