23 thoughts on “August 10, 2017: The Grind”

  1. The Premier League season kicks off tomorrow. Here's another reminder to join the WGOM fantasy league. Join here with group code 699160-643256

    1. I just don't have the attention span to enter any kind of fantasy league. Are we going to do the EPL Prediction contest however? That I can handle. Mags, you've done this in the past I think.

    1. Meanwhile, Alan Busenitz has pitched 1 inning since July 25. Such a critical role explains why it is so important for the Twins to have a 13-man pitching staff. Molitor must have been hyperventilating yesterday with only 12 pitchers on his roster.

  2. It's cool to be working on the GIS for the start of the Greeley Subdivision, and to turn on the aerial imagery and BAM, there's Coors Field staring me right in the face.

    1. It sucks to see so many people lose their jobs. On the other hand, this organization has been bad for a long time. That takes a group effort so there should be many people replaced.

      1. From the comments section (I know, I know, silly me...):

        Could they please fire Roy "Really Really Very Very" Smalley Smalley as part-time TV analyst next? In fact, blow out every one of them except Jack Morris, who knows how and when to make a point with an economy of words and isn't afraid to be critical.

        Uh, what?

      2. Yeah. It's tough personally on the people involved, but it's pretty common that new management is going to want to put in their own people.

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