45 thoughts on “Game 113 in progress”

    1. That's where having my dad's comcast login comes in handy. The fox sports app isn't blacked out.

      You can take some comfort in knowing that you didn't have to see two of the worst bunt attempts in the history of the game, at least.

  1. I like this Twins team that gets hits and drives in runs. I think Molitor should tell them to do more of that.

  2. Random thing: Remember back in 2005 Jesse Crain, strictly a relief pitcher, had 17 decisions (12 wins 5 losses). I suppose 18 if you count his 1 save.

    Also, he only struck out 25 batters in 79.2 IP (2.8 k/9). holy cows.

    1. At least there it would be pretty difficult to piece together the reference. We caught it, but I'm sure it went over the head of most. A few years ago, he wouldn't even try to hide it.

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