2017-18 EPL Prediction Contest

This year's spreadsheet

For your choices

AFC Bournemouth
Brighton & Hove Albion
Crystal Palace
Huddersfield Town
Leicester City
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Stoke City
Swansea City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromwich Albion
West Ham United

Comment with SPOILERS below and I'll get it all compiled. You got till MOndayish to get it in.

19 thoughts on “2017-18 EPL Prediction Contest”

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    1. Not a single Union Jack to be seen in the illustration of that stadium in its football configuration. I wonder if the Brits will bow to the "U-S-A" screaming 'Muricans and play the "Star Spangled Banner" before "God Save the Queen/King."

    2. There was a NBC doc that was way too NFL focused for my taste about Tottenham and the new stadium. All I got to say is that two field thing better not be seen as optional.

  4. My predictions are once again provided courtesy of random.org:

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  9. Since I somehow didn't finish last last year, I'll give it another go.

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    Thanks for running this again Mags. Despite the fact that I almost never get to watch a game, and the fact that I really don't know any of the players or personalities, I'm starting to develop some favorites, and I totally understand what relegation is now. I think.

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