11 thoughts on “2017/08/11 FMD: Great 78s”

  1. My grandfather's band recorded several 78s for Polkaland; my grandmother gave me a full set when she moved to assisted living last year. My mom had the platters digitized a few years back. Papa passed on in 1989, but thanks to digital audio I was able to bring him to the hospital last year; the first music the Poissonnier heard was him singing "Ach, Mein Liebschen, I Luf Her."

  2. I love occasionally listening to ragtime. I don't know enough about it to give a list of favorite artists or anything, and there can be a sameness to it after a while, but in short bursts I really enjoy it.

  3. I have a friend who is a great storyteller. He once told me that at a Church rummage sale he came across all these great 78s from the 50's of Little Richard, Chuck Berry, etc. Which is how they were originally recorded and released. So he went out and bought a 78 player from a vintage store. He then explains that its so cool because he's hearing this music just like those African American families were listening to this music back in the day. Like I said, he's a great storyteller so it's much more elaborate than this and I'm practically drooling.

    So I'm like "Sold! let's pull them out and given them a spin." And my friend, was "Dang, I owed a guy some money so I gave the records and the player to him, I don't have them anymore." My jaw just drops in disappointment.

  4. As for old recordings, the gold standard for me is Louis Armstrong's Hot Fives & Hot Sevens. But there's a lot of good stuff out there: Dixieland, Stride, Blues, Western swing, and tons of ethnic & folk music. Proper Records in the U.K. has some excellent compilations.


    01. “Can’t Hardly Wait” – The ReplacementsPleased To Meet Me
    02. “My Life Is Right” – Big Star - #1 Record
    03. “Ahora Somos Parte” – The Plastics RevolutionThe Plastics Revolution
    04. “The Stallion, Pt. 3” – WeenPure Guava
    05. “Parentheses” – The BlowPaper Television
    06. “Animals” – Big ThiefMasterpiece
    07. “Long Black Veil” – Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsKicking Against The Pricks
    08. “Stellar (prod. By Jus Love) – Jamila WoodsHeavn
    09. “1937 State Park” – Car Seat HeadrestTeens Of Denial
    10. “Goddess Eyes II” – Julia HolterEkstasis


  6. 1. Sarah Neufeld “You Are the Field” Hero Brother
    2. Lionel Rose “I Thank You” Buried Country: The Story of Aborignal Country
    3. Bad Bad Hats “Fight Song” Psychic Reader
    4. Einstürzende Neubauten “Die Explosion im Festspielhaus” Ende Neu
    5. Katy B “Hot Like Fire” Little Red

    6. Current 93 “At Sunset (Live)” Birdsong in the Empire
    7. Roy Orbison “Blue Bayou” The All-Time Greatest Hits of
    8. Aaron Dilloway “Execution Dock” Chain Shot
    9. Porter Ricks : Techno Animal “Ionic”* Symbiotics
    T. Aphex Twin “Vordhosbn” drukQs*

    9. Porter Ricks track. Odd numbered tracks such as this are credited to Porter Ricks, while even-numbered ones to Techno Animal. Unclear if this is Porter Ricks remixing Techno Animal, if there was collaboration in source sounds, or if this is just a split album. But Porter Ricks definitely had the last touch of the music of this track, so it definitely isn't TA remixing PR.

    T. Now that AJR can read, she was looking at my iPod last time I had it on shuffle after shower time, and she reads the title of a different track from this album "Cock Ver Ten... what does that mean?" I just said that Aphex Twin gives a lot of nonsense names or names that only he maybe knows what they mean.

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