August 11, 2017: Recovery

I got an unexpected message on FB yesterday from a guy I worked on some TV projects with in Washington. He and I hadn't talked in probably six years; turns out he overcame heroin addiction about eight months ago after battling it for five years.

That world of hard drug addiction seems so far removed from me at this point that it seems more like a movie I saw than my own life; hopefully time will afford him the same feeling.

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  1. Given that the Twins are on a five-game winning streak, I think it's now clear that Garcia and Kintzler were holding this team back.

    1. I saw someone tweet last night that it was amazing that the Twins could play well after trading a dude that pitches three innings a week.

      1. I saw someone post today about how hard it's going to be for the Twins to replace Kintzler. I think Matt Belisle might disagree.

  2. Repeating this from last night: seen on the A's broadcast last night. Yesterday was the anniversary of Harmon's 500th and 501st dongers.

    Yea, I don't think 1975 ever happened either....

      1. I had a similar problem on my move from the kitchen table to the recliner. #workingfromhomeFridaysrule

          1. I takes what I can gets.

            I'm glad I was able to be at home and just call in to the meeting where corporate got to discuss our parent company's 70% drop in stock price from yesterday instead of having to be there in person. I'm sure the mood in the room was great!

              1. It wasn't the company I work for specifically that was responsible, but the product hasn't gotten a chance to kill anyone yet (it won't though) because it hasn't been delivered.

  3. That world of hard drug addiction seems so far removed from me at this point...

    We found out this week that my meth-addicted brother-in-law is going to prison. His descent has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to witness and I've never felt as helpless as I have watching it happen.

  4. Remember Twins OF prospect Joe Benson? He is still playing baseball! He is playing for Sugar Land (thats in Texas) of the independent Atlantic League. That team is managed by Gary Gaetti and for Twins great Julio DePaula is a pitcher.

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