Game 114. Twins at Detroit.

Sweeping the season series against Milwaukee has done wonders for playoff positioning as the Twins find themselves back to within striking distance of winning an AL Central title.  Riding a season high 5 game win streak, the Twins are 3 .5 games behind Cleveland and .5 games back in the Wild Car slot (but who really wants a WC spot? I want Titles!)

The pitching matchup is a battle of mediocrity. Kyle Gibson goes for us, Anibal Sanchez for the Tigers.


Joe Mauer has been walking some more lately and has brought his BB/K ratio to 50/54. A week ago it was 45/54. Wek Mauer is getting on base, the Twins have a better chance of winning. Im sticking to that theory!

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  1. The Twins are exactly 100 games below .500 (4473 wins 4573 losses). Combine with the Senators they are a lot more below .500 (8696-9437)

  2. Kyle Gibson averages 25 home runs allowed per year (5th year, 75 allowed)
    Not good for a guy with a supposed good sinker.

    1. There's a trend of late for batters to swing more at low pitches with an upper-cut swing for home runs. He had two good years (2.0 rWAR in 2014 and 3.2 rWAR in 2015) that I wonder if they were from the zone shifting lower, pitchers pounding that area, but batters not yet adjusting to it. The low part of the zone has moved up a bit and more so, batters have adjusted and are hitting home runs on them. I think Gibson is a middling pitcher that more got lucky with several trends and isn't good enough to adjust now that the trends are no longer in his favor.

  3. So far I've learned from i-i that good pitching stops losing streaks and good defense makes a team a strong contender.

  4. I wonder how much of Rod Allen's explanation of Verlander's spin rate & adjustments Dick understood.

    1. His home run was actually up and in, which is very encouraging. It was right on the corner pretty much, not really a bad pitch other than Kepler was probably expecting it. That was a pitch that Oswaldo Arcia and Chris Parmelee could never get to and probably the biggest obstacle to them becoming good major league hitters.

  5. Gibson is such a clown. Walking Mahtouk to bring up Upton as the tying run with a changeup...

  6. It seems like every single time I've tuned into the Twins game tonight, the words "and that will bring the tying run to the plate" have been spoken seconds later.

  7. That was Brian Dozier's 2nd walk this month, if you extend it back his second walk since July 23

  8. Tied for second wild with the Mariners. Relatedly, the Dodgers have 81 wins. Wow. They're ten games ahead of the next best team.

      1. NL feels a lot like the NBA Western Conference. I guess that makes the Astros the Cavaliers, although they don't really have a Lebron. If they stopped using AL & NL and went strictly by geography, then you could make the Nats MLB's Cavs with Bryce Harper in the role of Lebron.

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