22 thoughts on “August 12, 2017: Bulldozed…?”

    1. The thing is, we don't. We can come up with great stuff, like "Country Breakfast," "The Ignitor," "Spaceman," "Toy Cannon," "Captain Video," "Human Rain Delay," "Oil Can," "Sweet Music," "The Penguin," "Wrench," "Chicken Man," and even "Larry."

      It's just that the popular conventions in place for the last fifteen years are tired and unimaginative.

    1. The record is 40, done by the Rangers in 2014. 31 pitchers ties the Twins for 16th. Three other teams had 31 last year: Dodgers, Marlins, and Rangers. The Mariners have used 35 so far this year. Four teams used 32 last year and one team, the Braves, used 35 last year.

      I would classify it as slightly unusual at this point. It's clear around 30 is becoming common.

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