79 thoughts on “Game 115: Twins @ Motor City Kitties”

  1. Mrs. Hayes & the Poissonnier are out of town tonight. The pressing debate is whether to order extra-hot yellow curry or massaman curry from the Thai place for supper. If I'm extra good and get my editing done, I'll reward myself with a glass of Ron Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva.

    1. I'm currently working on a yellow curry of my own invention featuring sweet potatoes, chicken, zucchini, peppers, and onions. I'm rewarding myself with a belgian beer of unknown source (the label fell off some time ago, so I'll just be surprised).

      1. Indian-style curry or Thai-style?

        I've made sweet potato curries many times, but almost always with an Indian-style spicing and sauce.

  2. Regarding the five-run first inning--none of this excuses Berrios for giving up the grand slam, but a couple of points. The defense did him no favors. The pop fly single hung up in the air a long time--I don't know where the outfielders were playing, but it looked to me like a ball that somebody should've caught. The infield single definitely should have been an out--yes, it's a tough play, but it's a play a big league infielder is supposed to make, and I was surprised it wasn't an error. It's a lot tougher on a pitcher when he has to get extra outs in an inning.

    Also, I was not impressed with Neil Allen acting all upset at Berrios after the grand slam. If he had something useful to say, the time to say it was when the score was 1-0, not 5-0. Any fool can get come out and snap at him after the fact.

    1. Regarding the mound visit, it's possible Neil Allen had Berríos under orders to lay off throwing sliders until he can locate the fastball, or something like that. It would explain what appeared to be a very one-way conversation.

      1. Maybe. But he'd hung a couple of sliders before that, so again, it seems to me the time to reiterate the message was before the grand slam, not after.

  3. Maybe Berrios found the formula. Give up five in the first, nothing after that, and walk away with a win!

    1. I'd like to see Buxton steal more. I know, part of the problem is that you can't steal first, but I'd give him a green light a lot more than Molitor has. Or, if he has a green light and just isn't running, I'd do everything I could to try to get him to take advantage of the green light.

  4. I think a major part of Buxton's improvement as a batter is that he's going the opposite way more. Early in the season it looked like he was trying to pull everything. Now he's hitting the ball where it's pitched a lot more.

  5. I suppose the thought behind Pressly warming up is that, if necessary, they'll use Pressly to get out of a jam and then use Gee to pitch long relief after that. I'm not sure I trust Pressly that much, but I don't know that Molitor has a lot of good options, either.

  6. Nothing against Atteberry--he does a fine job on the pre and post-game shows and is a decent enough fill-in--but when you listen to him for a while, you can see why the Twins chose Cory Provus a few years ago instead of him.

    1. Atteberry's still light years ahead of i-i. I don't know what the plan is for when Bert retires, but I don't think I could take a whole season of this.

      Provus was a pleasant counterpart to Uecker when he was in Milwaukee. I'd be curious to listen to him call a whole game by himself.

      1. I just caught a couple of innings of Hunter, then switched to radio. My main problem with him was that he never shut up. He'd make a point, then make the same point six more times in five minutes. Even if it was a good point, I just got tired of hearing it.

        1. i-i definitely is a motormouth. His shtick about going to the casino is wearing awful thin, too.

          Provus & Atteberry seem like the Twins' best tandem since the heyday of Herb & Gordo. I'm not saying they're as good as that, but on the whole we've endured worse. Given that the Twins have consistently deemphasized radio since moving away from WCCO, it's kind of a shame that they're not on the flagship broadcast medium.

          1. Herb went through a lot of partners in the 70s and 80s before Gordo came along. Ray Christensen, Larry Calton, Joe McConnell, Frank Quilici, Ron Weber, Joe Angel. Gordo had his faults, but he clearly loved the game and it had to be nice for Herb to finally have the same partner for several seasons.

      2. I liked Torii the first weekend he broadcast, but he act is wearing thin. Its all about him, which shouldn't surprise me.
        I do like having fresh voices in the FSN booth from players who played this century.

  7. I'm surprised the Tigers would pull Cabrera (unless there's something wrong with him, of course). A five-run lead with three innings to go doesn't seem insurmountable.

  8. If one of the Twins friendly restaurants have not come with the Hilden Burger, they are doing restaurants wrong.

  9. My fault. I was just telling a friend early today how solid the bullpen has looked the past week. Boo me.

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