48 thoughts on “Game 117 – Wahoos at Twins”

  1. Evening, folks! Le Menu de ce Soir at Chez Hayes is courtesy of our own carne. I made a couple alterations:

    - I doubled the sauce ingredients, which stretched to cover a pot of jasmine rice.
    - Since I had an open bottle in the fridge, I substituted dry vermouth for the white wine, then added a little kosher salt & sweated some minced shallot in there as it reduced.
    - After the pork was resting on the platter, I sprinkled it with ground sumac. More sumac joined the vermouth & shallot before the lemon juice & capers.

    Eine leckere Mahlzeit. Спасибо, мясо.

  2. Great, Zimmer with the bases loaded. Seems like the Twins couldn't buy a out against him earlier this season.

      1. I've missed:
        Turley, Jorge, Garcia, Wimmers, Rosario, Enns, and Heston

        I guess that makes 24th

        1. At first I thought it was Goofer Nite, but figured they'd do that closer to the start of the semester.

        1. Maybe the front office will trade to get him back? You know, to show they're serious about losing the wild card play-in.

  3. I look forward to the nonsense later this week when they complain that Pressly is overworked after bringing him in with two outs in the ninth inning of a seven-run game.

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