Game 120. Diamondbacks in Minnesota.

Cleveland kneecapped any chance of winning a Division crown. The hope for the rest of the season is to pile stats and maybe stay above .500.

Another day, another new Twins player. Its really getting hard to know who is on the roster and who isn't. Its Kennys Vargas back up? Lew Ford? Kent Hrbek? who knows!! I do know Mitch Garver comes to town. Hopefully he gets playing time.


Ervin Santana goes tonight. We got a chance.



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  1. Intimations of Gardy being elected to the Twins HoF someday; I wonder how how far removed from the skid that ended his tenure they'll need to get before that happens.

    1. I think once he is done with coaching, he'll get his number retired (Although Dillon Gee is currently wearing #35)

      1. So many of those aughts division titles , though, came when the division was in horrible shape.

  2. Seen in several places about Buxton doing well since August 1. But you can include his short July to get a robust .341/.402/.476. Not so much in June or April.

        1. I don't think he spun his wheels as much as was tiptoeing trying to make sure he touched the bag. I don't think he was quite full speed going into first either until it bounced off the wall and he still set a statcast record for an ITPHR.

    1. Buxton should hit a ground rule double just to switch things up. I wonder how many cycles were completed with inside-the-park homers & ground rule doubles...

      1. Everyone says that and I think it's because we expect more of a parabola. In reality, the home runs lose a lot of their horizontal velocity at the end and drop very quickly.

  3. I tuned in at 4-3, watched a double play get induced, and it's been all fun from there. Wee!

  4. Former Twins great Chris Herrmann is batting a cool .158/.251/.322 /.574 this season for Arizona.

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