Game 121: diamondbacks @ twins

Okay, so.... This has the potential to be a really good game. The Twins are in playoff positioning again. They're facing off against a legitimate ace in Greinke, but they've got a potential future ace going for them in Berrios.

I've been happy with Berrios' season so far, in that he has looked like a really good, if green young pitcher, instead of a player who's been way over his head.

Tonight could really play into his career narrative, though. If he comes out and has a great game, beating one of the best pitchers of our generation, and manages to give us some leverage on the playoff chase in the process... It'll be pretty freaking awesome.

And if he doesn't? Eh. It's another game. Go twins.

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  1. I think Cuddy was fine. He's always seemed very affable, and he made a good transition from "very mediocre utility infielder" to "slow, but very capable outfielder".

    He's pretty much the definition of "Hall of Very Good, Twins Edition", though.

    What would Nate Tubbs say!? (for the record, he had Cuddy as 27th in his latest ranking, which seems about right to me)

    1. When I chatted with him in spring training way back in 2005, he was as legitimately as nice as everyone says he is. He spent 45 minutes giving me recommendations for restaurants in Fort Myers when I asked where I should go to dinner.

      Still... I wouldn't put them in the Hall (but this isn't the travesty as when Dick inevitably gets in).

      1. It's amazing the reputation you can get by being good at what you do while also being very, very friendly.

        FWIW, I agree with everything you said in your last paragraph.

    2. Since Cuddy is going in, Koskie should be there. He packed almost twice the value into a little over half the time in Minnesota. Cuddyer's 28th in rWAR among position players; Koskie's 13th, behind only Cesar Tovar among unelected players.

      (Edited to clarify the last sentence.)

      1. Sheenie won a Papa John's Pizza in Twingo on that ridiculous swing and miss by Rosario last inning.

  2. Angel Hernandez has lots of really strange, fidgety body language and movements like Adrian Beltre.

  3. So Ángel Hernández & one other ump on this crew are wearing white armbands to protest Kinsler's non-suspension? Could someone ask the other two umps for comment?

  4. still, he's averaging fewer than 2 BB per 9 innings this year. Boys better take advantage before he finds his groove.

    1. The Fox graphic had it at the top part of the zone, but it was a curve so a lot of vertical movement. Understandable why it was called a ball.

  5. "he's not worried about lifting and separating".

    good. He shouldn't be thinking about bras at a time like this.

  6. I'm on the light rail heading back to fort Snelling right now. There's a couple of diamondback fans next to me and they look very stern.

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