99 thoughts on “Game 133: White Sox vs. The Baseball God’s Punching Bag”

  1. Dick prefers home runs that barely clear the wall to tape measure shots.... because they count the same.

    That...... That doesn't make any sense.

    1. Which one is a scrappy, white guy - Dick's platonic ideal if anyone player - more likely to hit?

        1. I think a single (by bunt, obviously) with a stolen base, sacrifice to third, and a squeeze would be his ideal method to score a run.

        2. The other night, he was gushing about how it was fantastic it took three players to score one run (I think it was a double, productive out, sac fly)

    1. So, the image for this game log is very fitting to the positive news on Buck. A ray of sunshine peaks through.

      1. Heh, I actually debated not using it and going with a stormy image because of the uncertainty of the injury.

        1. You can switch to that one in a week or so, when we find out that the doctors failed to detect a hairline fracture and Lucy pulls the football back again.

    1. Probably: "Its a good thing I play for a really crappy team. Maybe no one will notice that I'm not very good."

    1. This is also the type of inning by the White Sox that the Twins used to be really capable of having.

      1. Good to know he had it in him. When you also give up 10 hits, timely K's were the only thing keeping the game close.

      2. He, and the team, are undefeated this season when he strikes out at least five. He's 4-0 and the teams are 7-0. He's 2-10 and teams are 2-12 when he doesn't reach that mark. Of course, one of those wins happened last week when he didn't strike out anyone.

  2. lead-off HR to the #8 hitter (with 2 dingers on the year)
    walk the #9 hitter (batting .175)
    get your first out on an 0-2 pitch bunted foul - keeps the double play in order...

    makes perfect sense.

  3. Pet peeve time:
    Dick: " and if Dozier walks its as if the sacrifice was successful."


  4. If they were playing the Cubs, do you think Joe Madden would being in his right fielder as an extra infielder in this situation with Joe hitting?

    1. I think it would have been a tough win if they'd have held on. You know, draft positioning and all.

  5. On September 1, the Twins will be in position for a wild card spot. After going 59-103 last year. Incredible.

  6. Fitting way to walk off against these White Sox. A win is a win.

    I will say it is nice to have multiple hitters in the line up that you feel pretty good about in late inning nail biters. For years it felt like once we got through the couple of good hitters in the line up I felt like it was over. This month especially, I feel pretty good about 6-7 guys when they come up with the game on the line.

  7. I was just complaining to a friend that the Twins bullpen is a pretty big weakness right now. But one thing that can counter a weak bullpen, is an even worse one.

  8. My wife ended up at the game today
    in the Legends Club
    5 rows behind the screen at home plate
    I didn't know about it until she texted a photo of Mauer taking a walk.
    She has now attended more games this summer than me.

      1. She was just above the top row shown in the background of the clip, so unfortunately not.

        Uhm /googles it/ ... Champions Club. I guess I don't have much experience with either, but the TF seating chart set me right.

  9. Pedro Florimón sighting in the Miami-Philadelphia game. He's playing centerfield. He's had all of 41 innings there with the Phillies this year, but it's his most played position in his 12 games so far. He's also played right, left, third, second, and shortstop. Same thing in the minors, but primarily second and third with the IronPigs.

  10. Orioles lose, Yankees win, Angels off, so Twins trail Yankees by 1 game for first wildcard and lead Angels by 1.5 games and O's by 2.5 games for second wildcard. Twins had the most wins in MLB in August and tied with the O's for the most runs scored in the month. Twins went 20-10 and the Red Sox went 19-9, so Boston had less wins but a very slightly better win percentage in August.

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