31 thoughts on “September 1, 2017: Twenty More”

  1. FanGraphs odds: 47.3%

    Post Season Satisfaction Value (August 31):
    Twins win: 50%
    Angels off: 0%
    Orioles lose: 10%
    Yankees win: 0%
    Rays off: 0%
    Indians off: 0%:
    60% statisfaction

  2. Looks like Detroit finally pulled the ripcord on a full rebuild. It'll be strange to see Verlander in an Astros uni, but I'm pleased he won't have changed his primary colors too much. I'd rather he land with Houston than with most other AL contenders (or any of the NL division leaders).

    Meanwhile, they traded Juston Upton (who can opt out of his contract at the end of the season) to LAAAAAAA, which also acquired Brandon Phillips from Atlanta. The Halos might give the Twins a race to the wire.

    1. Tigers got a nice return for Verlander. Even if he pitches like an ace in his mid-30s over the next two years, they still come out ahead.

  3. I haven't verified this, but I saw in a comment elsewhere that Colon's last start was the first quality start by someone 42 or older since Nolan Ryan's battle royale with Robin Ventura.

    1. He's 44 (and 100 days) today so that would mean he didn't have a quality start in his age 42 or 43 seasons. That seems unlikely. He had a 3.43 ERA last year, and a 3.99 FIP, over 33 starts. Checking now.

      1. He had a quality start in his very first start this year. Checking his "advanced" pitching stats, he had 19 quality starts in his age 42 season*, 19 in his age 43 season, and six this year. Busted for 42+.

        But maybe they meant 44+? Checking more and nope, he's had four quality starts with the Twins and all of his games with the Twins have come after his 44th birthday. He had a 7 IP scoreless start on August 9. He did not have any quality starts after his 44th birthday with Atlanta though.

        * His birthday is May 24, so some games may have come before his 42nd birthday. I don't think he fit 19 games before May 24 though.

      1. Yep. He had three quality starts in his age 49 season. It appears this is the most half-baked fact of the day.

        1. One should probably not apply the term "fact" to anything taken out of a comment section, unless it's preceded by "definitely not a"

          It did generate some discussion, though

      2. Yes, nine including one shutout. He had three quality starts at 49.

        Looking up the game, Ryan was 46 years old at the time. I'm not sure where "42" came from then.

        I did a Play-Index search for quality starts by someone 42 or older since 1993 and found 419 games. Ryan appears on that list at #403. Charlie Hough had the next 42+ QS 21 days later.

  4. The DSL Twins and DSL Dodgers2 are tied 2-2 after seven innings. The Twins need to win to force a deciding third game in the playoff series.

    1. The DSL Twins take a 3-2 lead in the top of the ninth on a walk, a stolen base, and two ground outs. We're going to the bottom of the ninth now.

    2. The Dodgers2 opened the bottom of the ninth with a hit batsman. A popup made one out, but a single put men on first and third. A stolen base made it second and third and an intentional walk loaded the bases. A strikeout brings it down to the last batter. Bases loaded, two out, bottom of the ninth, Twins lead 3-2.

    3. A fly out ends the game! Twins win! The series is tied 1-1 and a deciding third game will be played tomorrow!

  5. This may have already been mentioned, but the Twins moved Hector Santiago to the sixty-day disabled list to make room for September call-up Niko Goodrum. Nik Turley and Buddy Boshers were also called up. I think it's a good move with Santiago, because based on his rehab stats he didn't look like he was anywhere near ready to pitch in the big leagues.

      1. Ends his season (and perhaps stint) with the Twins on the DL. 0.3 rWAR with the Twins compared to Nolasco's 2.1 rWAR. Nolasco has thrown nearly 100 innings more with the Angels. Alex Meyer is also on the 60-day DL. He's accrued 1.1 rWAR this year with the Angels. I think the Twins got the bad end on this deal.

          1. Fangraphs has Nolasco at 0.3 fWAR and Meyer at 1.0 fWAR. Unfortunately, it has Santiago at -0.2 fWAR.

  6. Interesting move in the Cleveland-Detroit game this afternoon. Leading 2-1 in the eighth, Francona brought in Cody Allen for a four-out save. The Tigers tied it, but Cleveland took a 3-2 lead in the top of the ninth. In the bottom of the ninth, the Tigers have the bases loaded with two out and Miguel Cabrera up. Francona has pulled Allen and brought in Joe Smith.

    1. Cabrera nailed a line drive right to Francisco Lindor at short for the third out. So I guess the move worked.

      1. Against Allen, he wouldn't have hit it as hard and it would have dropped for a hit. Crazy like a fox.

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