28 thoughts on “10 September 2017: Three to Go”

  1. Why I should stay off of Bookface discussions about political issues:

    Him: "Uninformed voters and libruls are responsible for Bad Thing."
    Me: "Here is the evidence that contradicts your conclusion."
    Him: "But I have anecdotes from personal experience."
    Me: "Here is more evidence that contradicts your conclusion. You can't complain about uninformed voters and libruls and then reject the actual evidence."
    Him: "I'ma gonna ad hominem you and reject your evidence Because Reasons."
    Me: "...."

      1. Dr. Chop and a friend staged an intervention to keep me off of googling certain politicians first thing in the morning. I've since felt much better about the world.

        1. The Mrs has a self-imposed deadline of no twitters politics after X o'clock. I have to enforce. Otherwise she obsesses.

  2. I estimate Mauer will have 402 doubles at the end of the year, leaving him 77 short of Rice's record. Over the last three years, he's averaged 29 per season. He topped that figure this year and 2015 but he's also not going to maintain this year much longer. That puts him at breaking Rice's record around early August in 2020. He would be 37 then so I think likely to be playing but unlikely to be playing much longer.

    1. If Mauer is still with the Twins next year, it'll be a big milestone year. He'll pass Kirby in the doubles department to be #1 in the Twins portion of the franchise history (also pass Joe Judge to be #2 all time). He'll pass 2000 hits, 1000 runs, 900 RBI, 900 BB, 1000 strikeouts.

      1. He's under contract for next year. He has a very small chance of reaching 8000 PA next year too. He has 7 rWAR to go to pass Killebrew for third best in franchise history and another 3 rWAR after that for Carew. After that, he only needs to double his rWAR to match Johnson.

          1. I am surprised looking at his stats that his highest K/9 rate was only 7.6 and his career rate is much lower. He still led the league many seasons. Different era obviously.

        1. I don't know what it takes to keep Joe Mauer a Twin beyond 2018, but if this season is an indication of where his skills are, then I think you figure out a way to make it happen and keep him fresh. Fortunately they've got a pretty good right-handed slugger who can sub for him at first against tough lefties or on a day game after a night game.

          1. That's probably the formula and sounds good to me, especially since I don't think there's really anyone coming up that's banging on the door.

  3. I need to rant real quick. My daughter was invited by one of the neighbors (with a daughter of the same age) to go to some sort of kids concert thing in Madison. It starts at 3 and it's about 40 minutes to downtown from our neighborhood. They said they were going to leave at 1:30. It's 2:30 AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T LEFT!

    Now these people are never on time for anything, ever. But this is a fun thing for the kids and she still can't get her f***in act together on a reasonable timeframe. As someone who's never late, this is causing me a great deal of annoyance and anxiety.

    1. Ugh.

      My last girlfriend before my wife was very much like this. We could never make a movie on time. I did my best to deal with it. But then she was late taking me to a play she treated me to on my own damned birthday. We had to beg an usher to let us go in against the rules and then bother other people on the way to our seats. The worst part was she didn't see it as a big deal.

  4. Why does Jim Souhan still have a job? Seriously, I avoid his writing, but for some reason I read this. Everything about his writing is just plain awful. It blows my mind that anyone at the Star and Tribune thinks this clown has talent. Personally, I know what Fleck is saying when he uses "elite". Yeah, he can be a little over the top, but he may be the real deal. Oh, nice strib comments on that article too. Bat Shit Crazy!

    1. I took the time to copy and paste the definition of the word elite into the comment section, but when asked to register to comment I lost the enthusiasm and went to look at other things on the internet.

  5. I'm watching the Mariners - Angels game and, while it might be unfair, I can't help but have the thought that, even though Mike Trout is extraordinarily good at baseball, he looks like he is profoundly dumb.

    1. You can be very good at baseball and be profoundly dumb. I discovered this when interviewing a certain former White Sox closer during his high school/American Legion days. He was a star pitcher for the baseball team and still couldn't get good enough grades to remain eligible his junior and senior seasons.

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