57 thoughts on “September 12, 2017: Shuffling”

    1. So you have that going for you, which etc. etc...

      I mentioned yesterday that Yes' guitarist Steve Howe's sun Virgil had died suddenly. Didn't know that he was drummer for Little Barrie, which did the Better Call Saul theme song.

    2. Should we be concerned that Kim Jung-Un is exactly as old today as Fidel Castro was on the day of the Bay of Pigs invasion?

  1. so, trying to enroll in the Equifax thingy. It won't work (for me) in either Chrome or Firefox. Had to go to Opera to get it to work (and by "work" I mean get through the registration page that takes all my vital information, including stool sample and first born, and exposes it to the Dark Web, then promises to send me an email with further instructions on which park bench to go to to receive the next clue). Oy. My confidence is skyrocketing.

    1. I've heard that enrolling in the Equifax thing includes legalese preventing one from being a party to any lawsuit against the company for the breach. Was that the case? (Or has anyone seen/heard something similar & can confirm?)

      1. I've heard conflicting stories regarding the ability to take legal action. Though, what would the settlement be? Free credit monitoring?

        1. You mean "free" if you provide a credit card and other personal information and then the automatically charge it when the limited period ends, and also, oops, that card and info got hacked too!

          1. It's actually free. My info was affected, they've given me the free credit monitoring and ID theft protection, and I never entered credit card info.

              1. Well, it didn't say anywhere in the terms of services that they were going to charge whichever random credit card they wanted to charge (I hope it's the Lens Crafters one). Nonetheless, I think it might be just a smidge illegal to charge someone's credit card without express permission. only a smidge.

      1. I'm pretty sure they've got it all already.

        My recollection on the legalese issue is that they started with that you-give-up-your-rights thing, then quickly retreated. I've not signed anything. The steps I've gone through so far are not worth the electrons they are written on as far as legal documents.

        1. So what happens when people lose all confidence in the ability of companies to keep their data safe and secure? So long, e-commerce, it was nice while it lasted.

          1. I don't see that going away. Consumers love convenience. I see two other options: some sort of other method for securely identifying individuals (crap, here comes the biodata tracking, etc.). Or, more optimistically, fewer ties to short cuts like credit reports. You want a loan? The bank doesn't can't rely on some abbreviated credit score because they're too unreliable, they have to assess you based on who you actually are.

            As I type this out, I'm realizing I have stronger opinions than I realized...

            1. A proper national ID card that isn't an easily guessable string of ten digits with zero security features? Proper rules about the importance of this data and repercussions on its misuse?

    1. Yay! I really want to make that series.
      Funny though, I've been in Central IL for 10 years now, still haven't made a Twins Sox series.

      1. The last time they played at Wrigley wasn't too long after we first moved here, so `08? `09?

        We go to about 2-3 games a year at the Grate. Both teams have been awful for so long you can easily wander up into some pretty good seats.

  2. A friend from the silly Survivor games I play online, Michael Allbright, lost his father 19 days ago and his brother today. Cancer in both cases. I lost some friends in what seemed like a rash of car accidents and suicides over the course of five years, but I can't fathom losing my dad and either brother in that amount of time. I trust I would endure somehow, but I certainly hope it never comes up. Think of Michael Allbright today, gang.

  3. I'm listening to the Kansas City-White Sox game this afternoon. Denny Matthews is supposed to be a great broadcaster, and at one time I think he was, but any more he just seems to not enjoy what he's doing and doesn't even sound like he wants to be there. I assume he does--I don't know why he'd keep doing it at his age if he didn't--but he sure doesn't let it show. That's one thing I have to give John Gordon credit for--for all his faults, he never lost his enthusiasm for the game. He loves baseball, he loved broadcasting baseball, and he always let it show.

  4. In case anyone was unsure if they were excited about the upcoming T-Wolves season, Shabazz Muhammed has resigned!

  5. This is a couple of days old, but I just found out about it: R. I. P. Don Ohlmeyer former producer of Monday Night Football and also instrumental in programming for NBC in the 1990s, at age 72.


    All time hits by a player with >50% of his games as a catcher: 11th, Joe Mauer, 1965 hits. 10th is Bill Dickey with 1969. 9th is Anthony John with 2043.
    All time doubles by a catcher, Joe is 5th all time, 10 behind 4th place.

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