33 thoughts on “Game 148: blue jays @ twins”

  1. It seems unfair to allow Donaldson and Bautista to hit in the same lineup in Target Field. At least Encarnacion is gone.

  2. The last few days, there has been lots of comments on the Twitters machine about how many Jays fans are at Target Field.
    I say good, because a full stadium means the teams make more money and the stadium background atmosphere comes through on FSN making a better watcing/listening experience.

  3. I really don't like using Hildenberger here. He was unavailable yesterday even if the Twins had a lead. We have a very low chance of winning this game. If we end up losing tomorrow because Hildenberger was unavailable to protect a lead, that's all on Molitor.

    1. Seriously. An infield single, two grounders against the shift, and the bloopiest blooper with the infield in.

  4. I didn't think it could get stupider than Donaldson driving in the game winning run by hitting a grounder off the pitchers' ankle last night. I forgot how snake bit the Twins are against these guys. This is beyond stupid.

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