Game 149: Blue Jays at Twins

Joe Biagini vs. Kyle Gibson, 1:10 CDT

A couple days ago, it seemed like the Twins were a lock for the postseason. Now, not so much. They need a win. Last night they were facing Marco Estrada. Today, it's Joe Biagini. They need to take advantage of facing the Biaginis of the world.

The good news is the Twins haven't last 3 straight home games since mid-June, when the Indians came to town and swept a four-game series in dominant fashion to vault them into first place. Also, Gibson has been very un-Gibson-like over his last 5 starts. Let's git ur done, split the series, win the season series with the Jays for once and make that Magic Number smaller. After today, the Angels' next 6 games are against the Indians and the Astros.

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    1. No. Unless the starter was pulled after one inning. Can't do searches by inning or consecutive PAs. The streak searches are by the game.

      1. And because I can do that search, I did that search.

        Wade Davis walked five against the Twins in 2013 in one inning pitched, but he started the second by walking three consecutively before being pulled.

        Gil Meche, with the Mariners, in 2006 walked six in one inning pitched against Texas. He was pulled two batters into the second after walking the first two, so he did walk four in the first.

        William VanLandingham walked seven against Atlanta in 1997 in one inning pitched. He was pulled three batters into the second after walking the first three, so he too had four walks in the first. Two of them were with the bases loaded.

  1. Unless the Twins make an unexpected comeback, the goal from here on should be to get through this game with a minimum number of pitchers so that we don't blow out the bullpen. With the expanded roster, it shouldn't be that hard to do.

  2. Ever since that seven-homer game, it seems like almost all the Twins runs have come on home runs, many of them solo. Nothing against home runs, but it would be helpful to score in other ways, too.

  3. Well, huh. I would not have expected Gibson to still be pitching in the 5th inning of this game much less be in position to get the win.

        1. so, Gameday was just arbitrarily assigning that donger to RF?

          "Uh, guys. That ball was vaporized on contact. PitchF/X has no data. What do we do?"

          "Let's just say homer to RF."

          "Works for me."

  4. I spookied the grand slam, though I did say it aloud to the Milkmaid, so I'm not sure it counts. This team is going to keep us guessing until closing day.

    1. Oh, hell. I saw the "Donaldson hits two HRs" headline at and misread the score as the other way around.

  5. I did the Pick 3 game today and chose Rosario, Buxton, and Mauer. I like that batting line for the game.

  6. On The Grill
    Swordfish cubes, marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, and thyme grilled on skewers, along with roasted corn, baby potatoes, and baby brussels sprouts (both preboiled).

    1. nice. I've never grilled brussels sprouts. Tell us how it works.

      Last night, smoked green beans and jalapeno/mozzarella sausages (cherry wood). Medium-low fire, perforated grill pan for the beans, which I tossed in olive oil, kosher salt, cracked pepper and some dill. Smoke over direct heat for about 5 minutes. Stir and smoke for a couple more minutes. Beans get tender and, ideally, a little bit charred. Works great with a little sambal and soy sauce too.

  7. Joe Mauer now has 948 runs scored in his career, forth most for a Twin. Rod Carew score 950 during his Twins run.

  8. the 20 combined runs is the 8th most in a Twins game this season. The most is 27 in a game against Seattle (20-7 win)

        1. It's interesting (to me, anyway). In 2015 and 2017, when the expectation was that the Twins would be lucky to stay out of last place, Molitor's teams did much better than expected. In 2016, when the expectation was that the Twins would be average if not better, Molitor's team fell on its face. In 2018, the expectation will be that the Twins will at least be contenders. What does that mean? Maybe nothing. I just thought it was an interesting point.

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