Game 151: Twins at Yankees

Admit it, you’re nervous. Sure, there are only twelve games left and the Twins have an easier path than the LAAAA but man can the Twins just pull off a nice 5 game win streak? Can they take advantage of facing a pedestrian Jaime Garcia and win the first game of the series against the Yankees? Can’t the Angels just fall on their face for 4 games or so and then we can all relax? In my estimation Twins need one win at the Yankees and one win at Cleveland then take at least 5 from the lowly Tigers to assure a playoff berth.

Tonight we get old versus young, fat versus skinny, $25,000,000 versus $507,500. CC Sabathia against Joes Berrios. Live from Yankee Stadium at 6:10p.

75 thoughts on “Game 151: Twins at Yankees”

      1. I think they all use Statcast these days so should be quite accurate. They do measure a bit closer to release than before so everyone's velocity is up.

    1. If you wanna be the best, you gotta beat the best...or something.
      Or in the alternative, throw in the towel which is what it seems like Pressly's intent on doing.

    1. I feel like his hands aren't great. He seems to not-catch a lot of things. He blocks some, but it seems like lots of other catchers would actually glove them?

      1. In '87, the Twins got destroyed by the Tigers in a series in Detroit, 35-3 or something like that, and it was brought up a lot before the Twins played the Tigers in the ALCS. Of course, it helped that the Twins had homefield advantage that year, but they still won 2 of 3 in Detroit.

    1. I hope they do so the Yankees will win the East. Their reward would be to play the Astros. The Twins would then play at Boston in a one-game playoff, and if they win that, would go to Cleveland, who they know very well and have swept a series in Cleveland.

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