Game 152: Minnesota @ New York Yankees

In a move suggesting they still have aspirations of winning the AL East, New York has moved their best starter up a day in order to get him a chance at 3 more regular season starts. Young* Luis Severino (13-6, 2.93 ERA, 156 ERA+, 1.031 WHIP) is now in line for the final start of the regular season, home against Toronto on October 1 ... which would make it improbable that the 2nd Wild Card team would face him in the AL Wild Card game on October 3. If nothing else changes, it looks like that game would be started by former Twin Jaime Garcia.

Opposing the Yankees will be the 'ageless' Bartolo Colon (6-13, 6.39 ERA, 69 ERA+, 1.602 WHIP) who was passed last night by Sabathia for most career innings pitched by an active player. According to the four letter,

Colon last pitched Friday during a 4-3 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. He allowed four runs and five hits in six innings. In his past three starts -- all defeats -- Colon owns a 7.53 ERA after going 4-1 with a 3.40 ERA in six August starts.

so we got that going for us ... which is nice.

Baseball's a funny game - anything can happen. That being said, I'm (unfortunately) with joe.

*he's only 23!!1!

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  1. Castro back behind the dish, and Vargas at 1st.
    Dozier, B.
    Escobar, E.
    Castro, J.

  2. Unless he was completely fooled, the way they've been calling balls & strikes, Joe has to protect the plate on that pitch.

  3. I'm not super hopeful for today's game. I think Big Sexy is turning back into a pumpkin, but we'll see.

    The Angels have been losing plenty, but if we keep doing the same, we'll catch up to some teams that aren't.

    1. I'm not at all hopeful about today's game. But, I am hopeful because the Angels are playing Cleveland while the Twins are scuffling.

    1. Girardi's playing the long game. It's all about developing familiarity - getting appearances against them this week so they've seen 'em before Oct 3.

  4. 2 3 things:
    1. Kepler's really going to have to figure out how to compete a little against the lefties. Pretty great defense in right ain't enough to offset .138/.208/.202.
    2. How much leash does Mollie give Bartolo?
    3. I'm not sure why, but Gardner has always bugged the crap outta me.

  5. We're only down one, and it's only the fourth inning. There's a lot of time left for the Twins to come back. I have to admit, though, that it feels like the game's already over.

      1. ...feels like a GOSO

        Even if accurate, at least we made it to the third week of September before a citizen referenced the ol' white flag...

  6. Unless they have someone they want to give an inning to, they might as well leave Turley out there for the rest of the game (assuming that doesn't mean 130 pitches or something) no matter how he does.

    1. I don't care how big of an idiot I look like, if I'm sitting down on one of the baselines, I bring my glove. If it gives me that much more of a chance of protecting the fam, that's good enough for me.

      1. Agreed.
        Also, I've never understood people mocking adults who bring gloves to games. You see plenty of grown men lunging, diving and grappling over balls in the seats all the time - those are the people who've always looked like idiots to me.

        1. This, both the first part (adults with gloves -- it's supposed to be fun, yo!) and the second (it's an effing baseball! grow up!)

    2. A few weeks ago, during a Blue Jays game, one of the players hit a hard foul down the left field line. It bounced off something HARD, everyone went scrambling for the ball except the (assumed) father of what looked to be a nine or ten year old.

      I only saw his face for maybe a tenth of a second, and at a distance, but he looked to be screaming in pain.

      It's honestly haunted me ever since.

      1. Me too. It made me so upset to think that someone would sit in those seats (kids or sans kids) and not be paying attention to the field that I actually yelled at the television. I realize that's probably unreasonable, but that was my response because I was so shaken.

            1. We were just talking about that here at work: when someone in our workgroup leaves the company, they are fair game to blame any code fixes. There are several places where the change comments say, "Joe Schmoe is a loser." and it's common knowledge that when you leave, you'll be immortalized in the code somewhere.

  7. Remember when Joe Mauer had a great at bat with the bases load and got a hit? Then Polanco followed it up with another hit? That was awesome.

  8. I know that with the expanded rosters it really doesn't matter, and I can see giving Perkins an inning here. Still, it bothers me that we're burning through this many relievers in a game we have almost no chance of winning.

  9. Indians hold on to beat the Angels. Twins got swept in New York and lost only half a game in the standings. Angels play tomorrow against the Indians before traveling to Houston to play the Astros, who the Angels are 6-10 against (with most of those games at home).

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