Game 154. Twins at Tigers

I think Kyle Gibson is going to have a pretty good game. The Tigers are not good and playing out the string with a lame duck manager. I think last game was just a blip, and really it was only a couple of innings he was bad.....I can't believe I believe Kyle Gibson can be a good pitcher. What a crazy season!

(that said, if a team is willing to trade a middling prospect for Gibson I won't complain)

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      1. I was just looking, Kepler career slash line against lefties coming into this game was: .169/.238/.260/.498 (231 at bats)


  1. For a franchise that has prided itself on playing small ball for 50+ years, 90 stolen bases to crack the Top 10 seems really low.

    1. Knoblauch has the Twins record with 62. Second place is Carew at 49. It tapers off fast after that. 35 steals gets you tied for tenth (with Knoblauch and Carew of course). Buxton has 27 this year, placing him 23rd.

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