74 thoughts on “September 27, 2017: Clinching Day”

    1. Took me a few paragraphs to understand why this was "pretty cool" ... glad I stuck with the read. It is pretty cool.

  1. I was getting tired and had to get to bed when the Eight Legged Freaks scored their fifth run. With the way they've been playing and with the reliever parade (further proof that parades suck) that Molitor staged, I was shocked, shocked!, to see they pulled that one out.

    1. I've been waiting for them to get back to town so I could see one more game at the Bullseye, but once they've clinched there's nothing to play for. Time to decide whether to splurge is even worth it (especially with the Milkmaid between jobs) when they may not field a major league team.

      1. Well, with two more games against the Clevelands and the Angels having two more against the White Sox, there is the very real possibility that they will clinch against Detroit on Friday.

        1. The Twins are 6-1 in Cleveland, and 1-9 against them at home, this season. They're totally going to clinch today or tomorrow.

          1. Ha! I really should have looked up those records. It's a good thing Cleveland will have home field when the twins play then in the divisional round.

          2. I'm just hoping that their success against the Clevelands in Cleveland doesn't allow the Astros to get the top seed. I like their chances against Cleveland in a 5 gamer way more than against the Astros.

    2. After Encarnacion hit his homer, I figured I'd stop watching thinking that their bullpen would close it out. I did some Bible time with the kids (Fruits of the Spirit - Love), sent them to bed, and checked on the game. I got the alert that Buxton single in a run to extend their lead. WHA?! Then I saw the alert about Dozier's HR. So apparently when they get behind next Tuesday, I'll break out the Bible and teach the kids about the Patience Fruit of the Spirit.

  2. According to the FB, six years ago today was the only game I've attended at Target field -- loss #99. I've attended more Twins games at New Busch than Target. Speaking of, looks like the two Twins interleague games in town are the day we return from our European trip, and the next day. :/

  3. I received a friendly wager with another bb card collector on one of the blogs; whomever loses the wild card game sends the other a bunch of cards. I took him on, and responded "May the luckiest team win!" I just hope Phil Cuzzi isn't tabbed for this one :/

      1. American adults. That means 244 million total adults. Census Bureau says 325 million total Americans so that puts adults at 75% of the population.

  4. There's been a pretty loud silence about the illness forced Big Sexy from the game after one inning last night. Anybody hear anything new about it?

      1. I think he'd be on the playoff roster, not for the Yankees, but for the next series. Who else will be the fourth starter? Mejia? Gee? Aaron Slegers? I'm not thrilled about throwing Colon out there in the playoffs, but I don't know what better fourth starter option they have.

        1. I would have said Mejia before he got hurt, but I see your point. Colon just always feels like he's on that ledge of falling into a hittable abyss.

    1. Heh, I saw that grand slam live. I looked a lot like Homer in "Homer at the Bat" when he called his shot (which I can not find a clip of). Looked over at my step dad and told him Dozier was gonna blast one well over the left field wall.

      1. This was ... hmm. I don't really agree with his "Argument for bad" segment. Be it the Wild Card or the Wild Card Play In game - there has to be a line between in the playoffs or out, and the relative drop-off between the records of the Astros/Spiders/Red Sox/Yankees (W/L or Run Differential, whatever) and the rest of the field isn't as important to me as the August the Twins put together. If a team plays .500 baseball, and then rips off an awesome month that puts them in position to play into the postseason, why is that a bad thing?

        See comment from by jiminy SelectShow
  5. Jose Altuve is the fifth player in 70 years to knock out four consecutive 200-hit seasons. Who are the other four players who managed this hit parade?

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      1. Maybe SABR or whoever does these types of things can retroactively give Puck a hit instead of a Reached on Error.

  6. Coming to Minny this weekend for T.C. marathon (NBBW running on Sunday, I'm just doing the 5K on Saturday).

    We're thinking of parking in St. Paul by the Union Depot station, then taking light rail over to the Capitol for the start of the 5K (and similar pattern for Sunday marathon).

    I've never taken light rail in MN. How much does it cost? Do you need to buy a token or suchat?

    1. You won't be traveling during rush hour, so train fare will be $1.75 each on Saturday and $2.00 each on Sunday. (A fare increase goes into effect Oct. 1. Lucky you!) You can buy tickets from a ticket machine on the platform using cash or credit card. More info here.

  7. I must have been in third or fourth grade when my dad bought a big box of magazines at an auction, paid a buck for the whole thing. It was mostly Outdoor Life and Field and Stream and Sports Illustrated. The box sat in the garage for several days before my brothers and I started digging around in it and discovered the buried Playboys at the bottom. We managed to keep them secret for about a week before we got found out and the magazines were confiscated, but that sure was one educational week.

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