41 thoughts on “Game 159: Minnesota at Cleveland”

  1. I did not realize the Yankees and Red Sox would have to play a playoff game if they end the regular season tied. There's something to root for!

      1. It would be an interesting choice. Do you burn your best starter in that game, knowing that even if you lose it you're still in the playoffs? If you win, of course, you get a couple of days off, but still, you'd have to go with a lesser starter in game one and probably game two. Or do you try to get by with a lesser pitcher in that game, knowing that if you lose you've still got your number one to pitch the wild card game?

        1. It's a Yankmes-Red Sox matchup for the AL East crown; it's practically more important than Game 7 of the World Series. Can you imagine the Bronx brouhaha if Girardi kept his powder dry and then got bounced in the Wild Card game?

  2. I wonder how Kepler drew the short straw to be the one regular outfielder playing today. At least he made the best of it with a base hit.

      1. I don't know why it's taken me so long to realize Kepler should be nicknamed Special Agent Jim Crossgate.

        1. It was about innings pitched and how no one throws 200 innings anymore. That was the overarching theme, at any rate.

    1. I'm not sure I would've sent out Hildenberger, even if it's a tie game. Tonkin didn't pitch very much last night, and there are plenty of other arms out there that aren't (or shouldn't) be on the playoff roster.

    1. Having this opportunity to rest their best hitters and get an extended look at his repertoire this late in the season, I'd love to see the Twins torch Carrasco in the ALDS.

  3. Was listening in the rental car while driving to the hotel at Niagara Falls - good thing there wasn't much going on because our GPS requires rapt attention to the exits :/

  4. Gimenez in left field, where Garver was playing until he moved to catcher? Some interesting choices here.

    1. Sam Crawford holds the AL record for triples in a season with 26 in 1914. Looking forward to Garver breaking that over a full season of PA next year!

      He might have to step it up to top Chief Wilson, who hit 36 with the Pirates in 1912.

        1. Guzman hit twenty triples in 2000, his second year in the majors. A lot of us thought he'd improve on that total in future years, but he didn't. He did lead the majors in triples two other times, though.

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