3 thoughts on “September 28, 2017: White Sox Win!”

  1. I'm feeling ok with the Twins clinching this way, both because of the hilarity of the White Sox helping out, but also because the reason it was possible is because the Twins beat the hottest team in their home yesterday. I'll chalk last night's loss up to it being very difficult to beat Cleveland twice.

    Now, they just need to beat the Yankees and then end Chief Wahoo's reign for good.

  2. Enroute to Buffalo via Chicago Midway; I'll be sure to thank everyone at our stopover.

    I really wanted to rock the Twins flag on the house when they clinched, but logistics prevent it. And looks like we'll be in NY (Lake Placid) for the wild card fame, fwiw

    Oh, and suck it Scioscia!

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