28 thoughts on “September 29, 2017: Has Been”

  1. Awwww, and here I was hoping to brew today's cup. The title was going to be "Get the Lead Out."

    Last night I brought the jalapeño to the ER because he'd gotten the tip of a pencil embedded in the palm of his hand and we couldn't remove it. They ended up using a numbing gel (which needs 30 minutes to take effect) and then kind of digging around to get as much out as they could. Apparently graphite becomes mushy in these circumstances. Some pigment may still be in there, which means he'll have a small tattoo-like mark in that spot. Kids, don't play catch with your pencil!

        1. I've often done them late at night, and it just seemed sort of agreed-upon that if there wasn't one up by 5 in the morning, *then* someone else would post, so I never look to see if there's already one scheduled.

    1. I have a small tat on my right palm from a similar accident, although I was in high school and got the piece out pretty well myself.

    2. I don't have any of those, but my dad and his brother were fighting over a pencil when my dad was 3, and it ended up stuck well into my dad's eye. It's my uncle's earliest memory, and one he'd rather forget. Good story, though, and no lasting damage, though there's a small red dot where it happened.

      1. I helped my brother filet the bridge of his now with a pencil. He (not more than 3) ran by with pencil in hand. I (7?) jumped from behind the banister and walloped home with a pillow to the back of the head. He fell and jabbed the pencil north to south up the outside of his nose.
        It took me about 8 years to -
        a) realize it hadn't gone up his nose and out (as I'd believed), and
        b) understand the absolutely horrified look in y parents faces as they watched that event unfold.

        'Spoiler' SelectShow
  2. Ex-Twin Pete Mackanin has been let go as Phillies manager. He didn't have much of a record, but he didn't have much to work with, either. I suspect he'll get another job in baseball someplace before long, assuming he wants one.

    1. And now I see that he'll be a special assistant to the GM in Philadelphia. That kind of job, of course, can be very important or it can be nothing at all, depending on the GM. Still, it keeps him in baseball until something better comes along.

      1. I thought that was odd, too. He didn't give any reason at all, not even the standard "I want to spend more time with my family". On the other hand, I guess it's not like he owes us any explanation, either.

        1. 6 seasons managing Independent baseball, maybe he was hopinh it was a stepping stone and that never materialized.

          1. does Gaetti still consider himself to be "born again"? I wonder if his evangelism got him blackballed by MLB?

            Seems unlikely, given his time as a hitting coach for the Astros (2004-06) and in both the 'stros minor league system and the Rays' minor league system (2007-08). But....

            1. His statement references that the "time has come to see new things God has planned for me and my family." Phrases like that get thrown around carelessly sometimes, of course, but I suspect Gaetti means it. As for whether it impacted his ability to get a job in organized baseball, I have no idea. I've never heard anything to that effect, but I suppose it's possible.

  3. Had a really nice lunch overlooking the south shore of Lake Ontario, with Toronto skyline barely visible in the distance. Also, some fine wineries on the area too.

    So, will there be a Homer Hanky for this postseason?

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