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    1. Fascinating. I read the article then checked out the Wikipedia entry for Rheingold and found this:

      The company shut down four years after the construction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center was completed. During the cleanup of the WTC site following the collapse of the towers on September 11, 2001, numerous Rheingold beer cans were found in the rubble, having been hidden in the beams of the building decades earlier by construction workers who had drunk the beers on the job.[8]

  1. Brian Dozier is now over 300 total bases for the season (303) and over 1500 for his career (1503). Charlie Blackmon leads the MLB with 384 bases, and thats the most since Matt Holliday's 387 back in 2007.

    1. this is as good a time as any to remark on the greatness of Albert Pujols. He had 12 seasons of over 300 TB, topped by 394 in 2003 and 389 in 2004.

      btw, there has not been a 400+ TB season since 2001, when Sosa (425), LuGo (419), Bonds (411) and Helton (402) all did it.

        1. Yea, it is hard to imagine any active player reaching the 6,000 TB plateau (Aaron, Musial, Mays, with Barry Bonds falling just short at 5,976). I don't see Pujols hanging around three more years, which is probably what it would take him.

          Beltre is second among actives at 5,120 and is still a very good hitter. But at age-38, he doesn't have enough time left, if his injury issues this year are any indication.

          Miggy, in his age-34 season, is at 4,601 (4th among actives). He took a big nose dive this season (only 187 TB, thanks to career lows in all three slash categories). He might be about done.
          Robinson Cano, also age-34, is at 3,855 (6th). I could see him putting up another 4-5 seasons of upper 200s or even reaching the low 300s. But he would have to average 306 TB per season for 7 years to reach 6,000.

          the only guy in the top 50 among actives who is under 30 is Justin Upton (age-29 season) at 2,612 (32nd). He's at 298 on the season, on the cusp of his second career 300+ TB season. At his career average of 237 TB per year, it would take him 14+ more seasons to get to 6,000. Not happening.

          1. Just speculating, but I'm guessing Bonds would have came close to Aaron but teams decided to not pitch to him for 3 years. Mike Trout is averaging 337 TB per 162 games, he might reach into the 6000s before his career is over (barring injuries). But Aaron's Total Bases record might be one of those unreachable records.

  2. Sour Cream had a pretty bad allergic reaction to...something...a couple of nights ago. Rhubarb and red meat are the two possible culprits. She puffed up pretty badly, but is on her way back now. Yesterday she looked like some kind of beast; today she merely looks like a meth addict.

    1. I remember reading how a certain tick bite if untreated could lead to a red meat sensitivity, but maybe only in the tropics or something. (It was clickbait that I quickly gave up on and felt ashamed for having nibbled at the bait.)

          1. However, now that I've read the alpha-gal entry, I'm damn near positive Sour Cream is going to have to avoid meat from between eight months to the rest of her life.

  3. Sad I missed the Jeff A "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" video upon first airing. I've also played Elvis on stage; I'm guessing this is the one small overlap in the Venn Diagram of our histories as performers.

    I've also played Judas in two separate productions; I have to doubt this is one we have in common.

    1. True. I seem to remember that there were a few people around here who've been in "The Music Man", though--were you one of them?

      1. Actually, no. Never had the opportunity to do it as a kid. It was actually the very first production in college after I got there, but only about four of the freshmen got into that one, and I wasn't one of them.

  4. Had a wonderful anniversary celebration with Mrs. Twayn yesterday. Spent the afternoon at the MN Historical Society exhibits, poked around a little leftist bookstore for an hour and picked up a copy of It Can't Happen Here, then we had dinner and jazz at Vieux Carré - salad and gumbo and crab cakes with a really mellow Spanish red. The food was okay, but the music and wine were very good.

  5. Sadly, barring a big Houston comeback, Boston is going to clinch the division today. I knew the odds were against it, but I was really hoping for a one-game playoff.

    1. Nice that we've cinched and can give him a few no-pressure live at bats to find out if he can shake off the rust real fast.

        1. and this:

          Brad Zellar Oh, I should put this on the actual site, but if you live in the Twin Cities and/or actually know me, just shoot me an email and we won't have to deal with site fees and shipping costs.

  6. Younger Daughter just scored two nosebleeds to the game tomorrow from a friend and wants me to go (and pick up the tab, of course). We went to Opening Day together so we're book-ending what turned out to be a storybook season. We'll be up in Section 319 with the rest of the proles.

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