Minor Details: Games of September 3

The Twins apparently aren't too concerned about whether Rochester makes the playoffs.  A second consecutive good game by Randy LeBlanc.  Fort Myers prepares for the playoffs.  A fine Class A debut for Randy Dobnak.  The E-Twins face a must-win game tonight.  The GCL Twins end their season.

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Happy Birthday–September 4

Tilly Walker (1887)
Eddie Waitkus (1919)
Hawk Harrelson (1941)
Paul Jata (1949)
Doyle Alexander (1950)
Frank White (1950)
Mike Piazza (1968)
Luis Lopez (1970)
Aaron Fultz (1973)
Pat Neshek (1980)
Jordan Schafer (1986)
Cody Martin (1989)
Aaron Slegers (1992)

Cody Martin was drafted by Minnesota in the 20th round in 2010, but did not sign.

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Game 136: Royals at Twins

Ian Kennedy vs. Ervin Santana, 1:10 CDT

Joe Mauer is batting over .300 and appears to be a favorite to win a Gold Glove. A pitcher that was named Johan Santana at birth and has a fastball, slider, changeup repertoire is the ace of the staff. A closer named Matt is filling in for an injured All-Star closer. The Twins are in a playoff position with a positive run differential in September. I'm having some major flashbacks to some really good times. But at the same time, I'm really enjoying this day-by-day with the Twins.

Happy Birthday–September 3

Bill Armour (1869)
Mike Kahoe (1873)
Art Fromme (1883)
Ed Konetchy (1885)
Eddie Stanky (1915)
Morrie Martin (1922)
Steve Boros (1936)
Alan Bannister (1951)
Rene Gonzales (1960)
Dave Clark (1962)
Ced Landrum (1963)
Eric Plunk (1963)
Luis Gonzalez (1967)
Chad Fox (1970)
Matt Capps (1983)

Bill Armour managed Cleveland from 1902-1904 and Detroit from 1905-1906.  He also managed in the minor leagues for several years.

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Minor Details: Games of September 1

A solid performance by Aaron Slegers.  Dereck Rodriguez pitches well and Gabriel Moya has nothing to learn in Chattanooga.  Anthony Marzi pitches well in his high-A debut, but Fort Myers fails to clinch the division.  Jimmy Kerrigan hit two homers.  Mariano Calcano keeps the DSL Twins' hopes alive.

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