FMD 9-1-17: Jazz Hands!

I enjoy a good musical. Despite the fact that I can barely carry a tune, I was in few of them in high school (minor parts (Winthrop Paroo), and then eventually non-singing parts once the directors figured out how bad I was). I find myself going through phases where I'll pull up favorite musical numbers on youtube and, if I'm alone, I'll often belt them out (again, despite my lack of singing ability). Honestly, there's something about my favorites that makes me wish I could get on a stage and perform. I don't get that itch often, but I'd love to have the chance (and ability) to knock it out of the park as, say, Seymour Krelborn.

Anyway, musical theater has been on the mind lately. What do you think of it? What productions were you a part of (admit it...). What do you sing along to, sheepishly or otherwise (I'm looking at you, Cheaptoy...)?

Minor Details: Games of August 31

A fine game by David Hurlbut.  A near cycle by T. J. White and a fine game by Zack Littell.  Lewis Thorpe also had a fine game in a loss.  A fine comeback for the Kernels.  Not much was fine for the E-Twins.  The GCL Twins roll along into the playoffs.  The DSL Twins face a must-win game today.

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