Wildcard Game: Twins at Yanks

Rough day Monday. Las Vegas. Tom Petty. All of which pushed the crisis in Puerto Rico, North Korea... off the list of latest things that outrage/sadden us.

That's why we need this. The improbable run. This plucky band of brothers who thrilled us, made us smile, made us care about baseball again. Even if it's for one day, we need this. And we need it to be against the Yankees. It just feels like it was meant to be -- win or lose.

Winning would be great, but it's not necessary. It's playoff baseball and the Twins are participants. And for one day, heck for three (plus) hours, all will be right in our little corner of the world. The problems won't go away and there is a lot of healing that needs to be done, but for one evening, we can watch, rejoice, thrill, even cheer at a bunch of grown men trying to hit, throw, and catch a little ball.

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  1. Apparently, the Yankees have already won. When announcing the Yankees' lineup, they're playing the music from Star Wars when they were awarding the medals after blowing up the Death Star. When the Twins were being announced, they played the Darth Vader march. Talk about irony.

  2. Hi all. I reached out to another old friend to try and get them to join tonight, too. Let's get some 2009 magic going on in here.

      1. Hello. Haven't watched baseball on a while. Just to check the Twins are allowed to hit home runs now?

        1. Someone told them how much less hard they have to run around the bases when they hit the ball over the wall.

  3. My old man just told me that he saw the alpha and omega regular season games in 87 as well as this year. Coincidence? I think not.

      1. Your children have never seen the Twins not hit multiple HR's in a the first inning of a Twins playoff game.

        1. I'm not sure they saw this one. Their eyes are glazed over when I tried to explain to them the history of Twins-Yankees.

      1. I've found them in silos at Steve's, Hyvee, and Woodmans in the People's Republic. Also their IPA in silos at the same locations, and crowlers of other stuff at Hyvee East.

        1. That's good to hear. I didn't know they'd expanded beyond the owner's mom's liquor store. They had a gruit at the great taste that was fantastic.

  4. Bunt talk. Does that mean shots?
    Someone will have to remind me of the rules in here.

    1. Not going to lie, knowing Green's strikeout ability, I suggested Buxton try to bunt for a hit.

  5. It should be a 3-0 ame if the ump would just call strike 3 to Gregorious. I know Santana missed his spot, but a strike is a strike. ESPN not talking about that at all.

    1. See Beau's comment above. Rosario also for a free strike three because Severino missed his spot.

      My frustration is with walking Gardner to lead off.

  6. The Twins have scored more than three runs in the postseason only once since 2004, and they topped out at three runs in 2003. That was the opening game of the 2010 ALDS.

    1. I'm debating if this is driving me to drink or not. I'm gonna have a piece of Oreo pie for now and see where it takes me.

      1. I mean, when you're starting with "War, capitalism, the President, Congress, my governor, Wall Street...," it puts things in perspective. I hate to admit it, but I might hate the NFL less than the Yankmes.

        1. I used to hate the Yankees more, but the nfl has moved way up my list the past few years.

    1. Beer is helping me remember to forget.

      The booth is making me more angry than the Yankees. Suppose the booth is an extension of the Yankees, so, beer it is.

          1. Which is earlier? I opted to skip ESPN completely and go with only the radio. So far it's seemed about 30 seconds behind Gameday.

            1. got the dad's connect on the video. it's a good 30-45 seconds behind the audio. at the very least, i can do stuff around the house with the phone in the pocket and have plenty of time to get back to the computer if there are any view-worthy events.

        1. .... wha?!? ... I'm an idiot. Yeah, jesus. This is significantly better.

          Derp. Radio way, way into the future.

          1. Also just heard the Dizzl's commercial about hitting a grand slam in game one ... yeah, I'll suffer with espn.

      1. I'm at least a little surprised at how bad they've been. I didn't watch a lot of games on ESPN, but hasn't this crew at least been passable? They sound so star struck it's giving me a migraine.

        1. There is a lot of uptone when talking about the yankees, and a lot of down talk when the twins are up. Subtle, but not. And, they're ready to fellate "all these superstars in the making". So, there is that.

    2. I'm in such a better place with understanding to not get as emotionally invested than I was in my younger days thankfully.

        1. I detest Pinstripe Petunia, but when that feeling is no where near what I felt about some of the guys a decade ago.

      1. My kid just came down and asked for a glass of water and that worked a terrific emotional reset.

    1. Not just any right hander. The one the Twins have never scored upon in 60 innings.*


  7. I think this type of bullpen game benefits the Twins. The Yankees never have to put together a game with bailing wire and chewing gum. Twins are well familiar with it.

  8. This could be a long game, dudes. I should probably call in sick to work tomorrow.

    On the upside, my daughters are drowning out the apparently awful booth.

  9. Dazzle saying Robertson is going for a strikeout instead of a double play. The Yankees bullpen averaged 10.9 K/9. I think they're always going for a strikeout.

  10. This is a big inning for Berrios. If he can get through the middle of their order with the game still tied, that would be huge, especially with Grossman leading off in the fourth.

                    1. 'FZ' SelectShow
        1. Yeah, but who else do you try? Santana had 64 pitches, so he could come back on short rest I think. But, that puts him starting on the off day so Game 3 at best. The puts Berríos on hypothetical Game 4. That means Gibson to start off the ALDS. Do not like, but I don't like anyone but Berríos getting the game into the late innings.

    1. I hate to say it, but I might have to bail soon. Two hours to play three just isn't gonna allow me to stay up for the whole thing anyway.

  11. Well, even if they lose tonight they will have gotten lots of young players post-season experience.

          1. Man, if I was better I'd be dead. Things are almost as always. You headed this way sometime soon?

              1. I've got a couch and a spare bed nearly on top of my press, so, y'all can work out the sleeping arrangements.

  12. Good news, they've got 5 innings to come back. Bad news, the Yankees have 4 innings to run up the score.

          1. Just lulling them into a false sense of security for dozier's grand slam to take the lead in the 8th

  13. "You might not know a lot of these guys..." and we're never going to help you know them because YankeesRedsawks!!!!

  14. I told zoomx that I wouldn't give him too much grief for sitting me on the side of the bar that didn't have a TV showing the game.

    So this is me not giving him too much grief.

  15. If anything, the Twins making all these Yankee pitchers throw a lot, maybe it messes them up for the next series.

  16. I'd like to stay up for the big rally, but I've got a lot of driving to do tomorrow. Guess I'll read about it during the inevitable middle of the night bathroom trip

  17. Every single ball hit into the crowd (homerun, foulball, etc.) has been dropped by the Yankees fans. Also, why is Spike Lee dressed like it's 20 below while everyone else is dressed like its 55 degrees?

            1. I was kind of shocked at how hard it hit me, too. Now have a whole mess of Petty in my car, though. Will also fill in some blanks in his discography.

              1. actually, i'm totally with you on this. i'm usually fairly indifferent on these kind of things, but for some reason i can't quite explain, this has hit me strangely hard. have some stuff on the phone, but i also have designs on filling out some empty spots.

                1. 66 is too damn young. Hell, I turn 56 this week.

                  I took him for granted for a long time, but he sure maintained a really high level of quality throughout his career. Pretty astounding, really. And hit after hit.

    1. I think this is where I call it. I muted it while the Milkmaid and my daughters were giving me gifts a couple hours ago, and have watched with a wary eye ever since.

  18. Sorry, the Yankees deserve to win this game. They out pitched the Twins. We can't even step on first correctly. Twins just couldn't dent that bullpen.

    Still have an inning, but assuming this trend continues, season won't last much longer. But damn, what a run. Let's take the experience and kick ass next year

      1. Yup, this was all house money tonight. I just can't believe that they haven't won a playoff game since I was there in 2004. So much has happened in my life since then, that's it's just surreal they haven't won a game since.

        1. i've heard the "house money" line from 5 different sources tonight, and while i kind of agree, this is still somewhat aggravating. i know the narrative is that they'll shit the bed, but the fact they, again, still thoroughly did so is disconcerting.

                  1. getting more towards my point, even before the end of the top of the 1st, i started tempering myself. at the end of the the 1st, i knew it was over (hoped it wasn't, but again: tempering). worst of all, i was pretty sure the dugout felt the same way. kind of showed.

                  2. they were bringing knives to a gunfight,

                    But I thought knives were just as effective? People on facebook keep telling me that if we ban guns, murderers will just use knives...

          1. I had assumed a loss going into the game (although I expected the bullpen to be the ones to give up run after run later in the game). But what made it much harder to tolerate, and why I bailed at the first sign of no hope, was the brutal commentating. I probably should have muted it, but its hard to say if I'll watch much more of the postseason if its on ESPN.

    1. I wish they could have taken it, but once the Yankees answered in the bottom of the first, the Twins were on their heels.

      No regrets. Great, great season.

      Now. DO YOUR DAMNED JOB, CLEVELAND. (and Houston! No eastern teams in the ALCS!)

  19. I've been ready for twenty minutes to shoot some guys with fire arrows in Rise of the Tomb Raider to take my frustration out on something, but I find myself unable to bail.

    And as I write that, I get endless crowd shots of Judge fans, trying my patience.

  20. I am offended by Chapman on the Yanks. The abuse was bad enough, but that they cared whether he was on roids at the time, not anything else... Just terrible.

    1. I'm numb. I can't do the "house money" argument, as much as I wish I could. Blind squirrels find acorns but these guys simply can't luck into a single postseason victory.

    1. We'll get 'em next some year. All of us will most likely be dead by then, but it's possible there's advancement in human longevity coming before we get there.

      1. They said after the game this ties the Boston Red Sox for the longest string of consecutive playoff losses. That string ended in 1995. A little math, and the Twins are your 2026 World Series champions! Let's hope we all make it that long.

    1. Hmmm seems like a pretty political feed. Didn't see any Lady Gaga posts. Wonder if its the same guy,

  21. Not regretting my decision to go to the gym during the game. Wake me up when the Twins spend twice what the Yankees spend. Each team scored one run per $25M tonight.

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