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    1. Much much harder to get guardianship in Minnesota. State doesn't want it because it costs money and there's often many less restrictive options (temporary guardianship, power of attorney, or family just stepping in to help) and the threshhold is quite high. I've had clients successfully convince judges to drop guardianships as well.

      1. What Beau said. We've got a very good approach to powers of attorney here too, and setting them up is fairly cheap and easy.

    1. My phone is usually pretty good at keeping things relevant to me in the news section, but it never mentions sports (unless the story is much bigger, like kneeling or Cam Newton's gaffe). This non-story was a huge exception, and the inflammatory headline about how Girardi was squandering his legacy just looked so silly next to stories about Trump's public relations nightmares and more stories about the Las Vegas shooting.

    2. I'd like to credit the Twins partly for the Yankees' loss yesterday. Chad Green and David Robertson were extended beyond their normal outings against the Twins and then combined to blow a big lead yesterday. Green gave up the grand slam to make it a one-run game and Robertson gave up the tying home run. So maybe I can find a little solace in the Twins having a hand in a quick exit for the Yankees.

        1. I'm not defending Jones, but I notice the entire narrative of the article is a recitation of the plaintiff's lawsuit. There are no other sources, and there's no indication the reporter even attempted to contact the Nationals front office or Jones or Jones' attorney for comment. So I take that into account. That said, I'm still inclined to loathe Jones a little bit. Why are so many grown men still so damn juvenile?

            1. Those are the parts that lend a lot of veracity to the accusations since most of what is alleged appears to be or seems likely to be

      1. I don't remember who it was anymore, but some player I liked turned out to be a bad dude, and I decided I was perfectly happy wearing jerseys with no name on them. I also think it's odd for a grown man to wear the jersey of someone twenty years his junior, I admit.

        1. Every once in a while, a pic will show up on twitter and its some dude at a Vikings related event with a Darren Sharper jersey. Gross.

          Unnamed jerseys are the way to go.

            1. There's some quote about never revering the living, as they'll always disappoint... Maybe the only safe jerseys are Clemente and Robinson?

          1. I was just sent a big sexy shirsy. It's awesome on all fronts. Including the fact the Bartolo is certainly older than I am.

    1. So...

      1) Jones seems awful here (based on this account)

      2) Jones is a hitting coach? I would never have guessed that, but I am predisposed to hitters with plate discipline

      3) I don't see how the Nationals are in any way culpable here. This is strictly a personal matter and regardless of the laws Jones allegedly broke here, it's not up to tge Nationals to enforce those laws. There's also a bigger point that if criminals are ever going to straighten out their lives, they are way less likely to do so if they are unemployed.

      1. 3. That would depend on if the organization was excusing the behavior or trying to rehabilitate him. Similar, though on a much, much smaller scale to other news right now. That would look poorly but guessing impossible to prove.

        1. Suppose the Nationals were aware of the incidents and just did nothing either way. What law would they be breaking? Just employing people engaged in criminal activity isn't illegal to my knowledge--software companies aren't required to weed out drug users, for instance.

          1. The only way I could figure the club would actually be liable was if Jones was using a club-issued device to conduct this harassment, the club knew about it, and then did nothing.

          2. Of course, they don't need to be breaking a law to be liable. The tort standard would likely be that they were negligently breaking some duty they owed to her. The legal scholar in me makes me wonder what that duty could be. The litigator in me wonders of it isn't just a mechanism for increasing publicity and creating leverage.

    1. Back when I was researching the 1969 Twins, I found he was all over the local sports pages as the star of the Minnesota Pipers.

      1. Maybe a bit premature. We had a pretty heavy rain event with some lightning, but nothing significant has happened.

  1. You know what's awesome? Opening your beer fridge to find about 6 ounces of beer on the bottom because one of your kegs was leaking. Effing hose clamps.

    1. less awesome is when you throw a hurricane party and everyone drinks your good beer and leave you with a fridge full of Abita off casts. (amber, I'm looking at you. and your ugly stepbrother to-gose).

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