2017 Postseason, Game 5: Goodbye, AL East

No, really. You can go home now.

HOU @ BOS: Morton vs. Porcello (HOU up 2-1)

WAS @ CHC: Scherzer vs. Quintana (series tied 1-1)

CLE @ NYY: Bauer vs. Severino (CLE up 2-1)

LA @ ARI: Darvish vs. Greinke (LA up 2-0)

Lots and lots of high quality pitchers. I'll bet a couple of them even go 5 innings.

81 thoughts on “2017 Postseason, Game 5: Goodbye, AL East”

  1. I'm certainly not going to get all hyperbolic and say that this is a "must win" for the 'Stros, since they're still in the driver's seat and all, but it would probably behoove them to finish this up before Sale gets a second shot at them.

  2. I need to do a better job of checking the schedule of games, didn't realize there was a day game happening today. I'm glad our company's new web filter is less restrictive than the last one.

    1. Man, I'm super disappointed in you guys. This is, like, the most clever thing I've come up with in months and y'all play it straight. I sat there unable to sit still waiting to pull something like this out.

  3. What a weird postseason so far. It's feeling like any starter that is still holding the ball in the fifth inning is a Bumgarner-like hero.

    I really hope that trend reverses for the LCS and World Series. The postseason is so much more interesting when there are good starters pitching reasonably deep into games.

      1. They haven't all been that bad, though. Some of it is managers with extremely quick hooks. Today, Porcello gives up two runs in three innings. He's not normally getting pulled at that point. Morton gives up two runs in 4.1 innings. He's not normally getting pullet at that point, either. We've seen managers managing every game as if it's a must-win game. I'm not certain that's always the best strategy, but that's how it's gone.

        1. I think pulling Morton was especially egregious, since they have a lead in the series (and in the game). If you're going to use Verlander as a reliever, wouldn't you rather save that option for tomorrow?

          I mean, it looks like it's going to work out for them, but still.

          1. I really didn't understand using Verlander. Yes, it may work, but again, the manager was managing as if this is a must-win game for Houston, and it isn't. They'd have been going home for game five with a rest Verlander. If they don't win, this could really come back to bite them.

      1. At first, I read that as "Keuchel", and just about choked on my afternoon coffee. Even with the win, the Verlander outing will be looked at with a bit of a raised eyebrow. Bringing in Keuchel would have been madness.

  4. Adventures in a Week-Long Vacation at Home: I just had to turn over the TV to Skim, who apparently plays the My Little Pony app on my TV on a daily basis and would have lost her daily streak (and therefore the spoils that go along with such a streak) if I didn't let her do it in the next couple of hours. So, let me know if anyone scores, 'kay?

  5. Tom Hamilton: "There is an eleventh commandment in baseball: If a New York Yankee or a Boston Red Sox doth not swing at a pitch, thou shalt not call it a strike."

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