72 thoughts on “2017 MLB NLDS Game 4: Nationals at Cubs and now Yankees at Indians”

  1. Tanner Roark is totally the pitcher I'd want out on the mound to save the season.

    Wait, it's 2017, not 2016? Oh, uh. Nevermind.

  2. Resurrecting this post to cover this game plus Game 5 of the ALDS.

    Arrieta v Strasburg now and Sabathia v Kluber tonight. This should be fun.

  3. A friend of mine and I were discussing the merits of CC's career RE: Hall of Fame chances.

    I think at this point, CC's a borderline for me, probably falling on the "no, but I could be convinced" side.

    1. JAWS puts him at 68th, between Saberhagen and Stieb. His black ink is lacking, but his gray ink is good enough.

      1. I sort of feel the same way about Saberhagen and Stieb.

        The lack of black ink is really where I'm at with the whole thing.

        I assume he'll be voted in, and that won't bother me a bit. I just can't drum up a whole lot of support for it, myself.

    2. It seems like it is a lot harder these days to get into the Hall as a starting pitcher. Probably because writers have a hard time considering historical context and a lot of them grew up in an era when there were a bunch of pitchers winning 300 games. B-Ref's Hall Monitor has CC at 112. A likely HoF is at 100, so that's probably his best support right there. If he sticks around and gets to 250 wins, that will probably help a lot.

      1. The 300 win thing really has to go away, obviously. Looking over the list, who even has the slightest chance at it? Kershaw wins his starts at an insane rate, and he's not even halfway there after 10 years. If Verlander keeps his career rate of 14.4 wins going, and he pitches until he's 41, I guess he'd have a shot.

  4. With Arrietta's pitch count so high already it will be interesting to see what Maddon does. Too much bullpen today would be bad for a game 5 too.

  5. I see that Strasburg started the game and is still pitching in the seventh inning. I wasn't aware that playoff rules allowed this.

  6. I wasn't even aware that Ryan Madson was still pitching, but it looks like he actually had a pretty good season.

  7. Listening to the Clevelanders broadcast is kind of a delight. As described, "the big guys are going to have to be stars, they are stars, but they'll have to shine tonight". Man, the midwest is the bestwest.

        1. When HPR was catching this summer, I told him about that, and he didn't believe me at first.
          "It's you're responsibility as catcher to not be close enough to the batter for that to happen." or something.
          I think it was the first time I understood it, when he'd basically have his glove in the strike zone over the plate.

  8. Bottom of the second and bunting on CC has been brought up. It happened after Encarnación struck out. While maybe he should have choked up a bit at 0-2, bunting might not be the best strategy for most of the players here.

  9. Okay guys, sourdough pizza crust is great idea. Pouring rain when you normally grill is not a great idea. Making personal sized pizzas in scalding hot cast iron pans is great idea. Making your oven really, really, really hot when it's still really, really, really hot outside is not a great idea. (the pizza is great, the hot house ... well, at least I have pizza).

  10. Calling it now: Chapman blows it, Yanks lose, he goes on a bender, gets caught on tape assaulting Harvey Weinstein, and retaliates by releasing dirty photos of Jacque Jones.

      1. I was running out of time to post my call, so I rushed past the part where he appears on the resurrected TRL's "Very Special Grope Ben Affleck Episode".

    1. It's not going to matter much; Chapman is going to drunk drive an old bullpen car out to the mound before hitting LeBron James in the stands on 7 consecutive pitches.

      1. Cleveland goes on to win, takes a strong position against protective netting when it is discussed at the winter meetings.

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