October 14, 2017: Acoustics

Last night, Sour Cream had four friends overnight for her birthday party. Though 49 stairs in the townhome separate us, the noise carries so well you'd think they were a flight down. Or perhaps in the room.

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  1. Fun with miscommunication: I'm having a 40th birthday open house thing today, from 1 to whenever. Thing is, my wife asked me to plan it for Sunday, and for a week or more we've been planning for tomorrow. Five minutes ago I noticed in my outgoing messages that I said it was today. I'm lucky the Milkmaid has a good sense of humor about things.

    If anyone wants to stop by today, we bought entirely too much to drink:

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      1. 2 is a little late given the daughters, though if a bunch of people end up being here I wouldn't totally rule out being up stupidly late.

        The latest I'm sure someone is coming over is about 8. I tend to know a lot of people who are terrible with communication, so throughout the day I'm expecting between four and twenty people. Good times.

  2. Well that was interesting. Just drove past a car on fire on the interstate. It was quite the blaze, I could feel the heat even one lane removed from the car.

      1. About thirty years ago we were driving out to the Black Hills and our car caught fire. Fortunately neither Mrs. A nor I were injured. The car wasn't in very good shape, though.

      2. I saw a Winnebago fire many years ago, by the time I got to the scene it was pretty much all gone except for the framing. And in college, I was working at Firestone on Division Street in St. Cloud when we heard a horrible crunching crash just outside the shop. We ran out to see what was up. Some guy in a little Chevelle had pulled in behind one semi at a stop light without giving the semi behind enough room to stop. The car was crushed almost flat, there really wasn't any passenger compartment left. The responders didn't even bother trying to cut the guy out, they just loaded the car on flatbed and hauled it away to deal with elsewhere.

      3. A conversion van caught fire outside the venue for our wedding reception. It didn't belong to any of our guests and fortunately wasn't occupied. People who attended still remember it, though.

      4. Years ago, driving home from work in Chambana, my Tercel suddenly had flames shooting out from under the hood. Ended up just being a valve gasket cover.

        Two years ago, our neighbor's pickup burst into flames on the street in front of our respective yards. It had been sitting (off) for maybe 20 minutes when the fire erupted. Flames shit 10-15 feet up out if the engine compartment, frying some branches on one of our trees. the hood literally exploded (I was picking shards of metal from the yard for a couple days.

        1. Jesus, y'all are a lot of bad luck. The worst thing I've ever seen in this category was a rolled over Penske truck with a yard sale's worth of home goods spread across the median on I-40.

          1. Nothing for me, but my dad once watched a large family burn to death inside a crushed van in the 70s as they were 30 miles from a telephone.

        2. Basically the same thing happened outside our apartment in Mankato. Fire department said it was a pretty regular occurrence.

          1. I've seen three car-BQs. Okay, one was a semi. At least I thought it was three, but I can't remember the second.

  3. I was going to take the dog for walk yesterday but talked my daughter into doing it instead so I could do some yard work. So she was the one who saw the emergency response and immediate aftermath of the plane that crashed into the river and killed three people. She saw them load one of the bodies into an ambulance, she assumed the person was dead because the body was covered and the ambulance didn't leave. So it goes. I heard the sirens while I was in the yard and a bit later the choppers, but didn't know what was happening until she and the dog got home.

    1. So it goes.

      I can't help but think of Vonnegut and Slaughterhouse Five every time I hear (/read) that phrase. Sorry your daughter had to experience that.

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