101 thoughts on “Saturday Weekend League Championship Series games.”

  1. So, either no one around here is paying attention to the game or it's just that no one has anything to say.

    1. Im here!

      I mainly have the baseball game on, butalso have been flipping to the football games

      1. The only college football scores I really care about are that South Dakota is beating Indiana State 28-6 and South Dakota State is losing to Northern Iowa 24-6.

        1. And South Dakota beats Indiana State 56-6 and South Dakota State loses to Northern Iowa 38-18.

  2. Carlos Beltran has got to be one of the last players around to have hits in both Milwaukees Country Stadium and Detroits Tiger Stadium.

      1. If by "bad baserunning decision" you mean challenging Josh Reddick's arm....

        that is often a bad baserunning decision.

      1. Indeed. I've run and jumped against the right field wall in Milwaukee and it kind of hurts.

    1. And 13 K. Astros have to be feeling good about getting him. Gameday gave him a game score of 92.

      1. Indeed. Not that the Astros needed help getting into the playoffs, but he was stellar for the Astros after the trade.

      1. I don't know that it mattered, but on the highlights that looks like a really lazy throw from right field in that situation.

        1. And as I look at it again, I think it did matter, because if the outfielder had fired the ball in, the third base coach probably wouldn't have sent Altuve.

    1. What's kind of fun is that Sanchez was blocking the plate as much as Correa was interfering

      1. Yea, and with Altuve soooo dead, it's pretty hard to make the argument for interference at 2b.

      1. Oh, I know what would be awesome (but won't happen): a complete game from kershaw with the Dodgers getting no-hit until kershaw hits a walk off in the ninth.

  3. Oddly, to me at least, the music that leads into the resumption of the Dodger broadcast after a commercial break has twice been "Copperhead Road".

        1. It was a bad play by Culberson. He should have expected some blocking by Contreras because he can't know when the ball will arrive. Instead he did a simple slide to the side with a half-hearted reach. The ump correctly didn't call anything and it was the pitcher that clued everyone else.

          He was still blocked though.

        2. I guess that's a tough thing to parse. The only path I see with his hands is in between the catcher's legs, which is dangerous

          1. That's not a real path. Having now actually seen the play, I think the right call was made in NY, and it's not even close. Frankly, Contreras is lucky he went in with the hand. Had he slide feet first Contreras might have a shattered leg.

          2. That's what I was referring to. In the light of day, I may have been too harsh in my assessment. And Philo below, I'm very glad he didn't slide and take out Contreras' leg. I'm happy for the rule, this was just a case where Contreras acted like he was trained, there was a safe slide, and the catcher was penalized.

  4. Ron Darling advocating for Culberson to ruin Contreras's career. He stuck his leg out to block the play. Five years ago, Culberson would've either barreled into him or run through his leg. Clearly we should tear more knee ligaments first. Screw you Darling.

    1. Darling still kvetching about it. I think the rule has in fact made plays at the plate more athletic. The only reason it looked good was because Culberson was following the new rules. Now both players have to be athletic rather than linebackers.

      1. Totes. I'm pretty much in love with the rule. Super awesome slides are so much more fun to see than violence.

  5. One thing I just realized, is that Maddon threw his temper tantrum at the field umpire who called Culberson out. Some dude in New York called him safe. Maddon yelling at the wrong guy. Just makes him look so silly

    1. I'm imagining the plate umpire saying, "Hey, I agreed with you. It's the guy in New York who called him safe. What do you think I can do about it?"

  6. I had forgotten why I disliked Maddon, but seeing his comments about plays at the plate brought that memory back.

  7. Here I'd just been thinking how nice it was to have the managers treat this like a regular ballgame and not go to the bullpen as soon as there was one run in and a couple guys on base.

  8. PItching coach comes out to visit and nect thing you know the pitcher induces a double play

    1. I am a bit behind (paused during dinner--cheese tortellini with pesto, mmmm).

      Dunce just came in (and dropped the ball covering first). 61 Ks in 62 innings? When did he become a power pitcher?

    1. Duensing was really good for the Cubs this year. I don't have an issue with using him. I wouldn't have brought in Lackey, but using starters as relievers is apparently the new hotness.

      1. 2016: Showalter
        2017: Maddon
        2018: ???

        Won't be Francona. He already uses his best reliever as a "high leverage over everything else" guy.

          1. Sadly, agreed. Though I did love Roberts' quote:

            "Joe's very good over there, and he knows his personnel considerably more than I do. But obviously [Davis is] their best back there at the back end, so we certainly liked the matchup [with Lackey]."

      2. If you don't trust Hector Rondon and Mike Montgomery over John freaking Lackey in that position, you should really have just added two more hitters to your NLCS roster.

        1. Yeah, that's the other thing. At least if you're not going with Davis, don't bring in the guy with a 5.30 FIP

          1. This. I can understand not using Davis (as Trueblood pointed out, he got the 7 out save against the Nats, and choosing carefully when to use him makes sense), but not the others? Ugh.

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