October 15, 2017: Times Square

Darren Viola (Repoz back when I used to visit Baseball Think Factory) pointed out that New Yorkers will be missing out on a lot of synergy if Gary Sánchez isn't invited to participate in this year's New Year's Eve ball drop.

24 thoughts on “October 15, 2017: Times Square”

  1. If your kids get invited to a birthday party at a trampoline gym type place, it will be the most exhausting birthday party you'll ever go to.

    (also, stunt bags are awesome.)

  2. When you wash dishes how do you do it: Organized (cups first, plates next, etc) or Chaos (throw as much of anything into the sink, load after load)?

    I am very much and Organized dish washer.

    1. I randomly load the dishwasher, then NBBW re-does the loading using advanced 3-dimensional spatial analytics in real-time.

      1. the Mrs uses the Maximal Inefficiency Algorithm. I may or may not stealth-reorganize. This may or may not suggest I have a touch of OCD.

        1. This is our house as well. My wife runs under the theory that the plates don't need to face the same direction.

          1. My wife organizes pretty well, but still tries to throw pots and pans in the washer that have no chance of getting clean that way.

            When it comes to the sink, I try to start with the cleanest stuff first (glasses, silverware) to save the dish wand.

            1. That's why I cook almost exclusively with my cast iron pans. Then I don't have to worry about crusty pans ending up just as crusty.

              1. does she try to put your cast iron pans in the dishwasher?

                Mine does not. She has come to appreciate the need to care for them more-or-less properly. 🙂

                1. Oh, no. I've made it quite clear about that.

                  What has been a battle is getting her to stop putting my favorite beer glass in there.

          2. plates don't need to face the same direction

            Wha.. how is that even possible? New dishwashers force you to have everything facing the same direction as everything is so packed in. We have a somewhat older (15-20 years maybe?) dishwasher but the spacers still require a specific direction.

            I guess if you just ignore things not fitting at all then directions don't matter.

          1. I've learned to (mostly) not do it when she is within line-of-sight. We then each pretend that nothing has happened.

        2. bS, one of my former coworkers is an industrial designer. I think you'd like her--when our workplace moved to a new location with a dishwasher in the kitchen, she created a diagram so that everyone in the office would understand the most efficient way to load it.

    2. Mrs. Runner washes the dishes, and I load the dishwasher. Mrs. Runner puts her dishes on top of the dishwasher to properly load, and I grab additional cooking and Tupperware items that are also dishwasher appropriate. And I put everything away again. I also place washed dishes back on the to-wash side when someone didn't get them entirely clean. It all seems to work fine.

    3. I probably don’t enjoy washing dishes as much as Harmon Killebrew did, but podcasts mean I mind it significantly less than I did even seven years ago. I think there is general agreement in our house that I’m better at Tetris-ing any physical space, including the drying rack, to its absolute maximum capacity. I often will reorganize dirty dishes in queue to be washed to align with my process: plates, glasses/cups, bowls, silverware, cutting boards (the rack now has enough mass in it to prevent the cutting boards, which lean against it while trying, from moving it), chef’s knives, Pyrexes/Tupperwares, cooking implements, pots/pans.

      I do not enjoy washing silverware; it’s the one item that makes me wish we had a dishwasher. I am also very adamant about not leaving any knives sharper than a butter knife loose in the sink, which is bush league recklessness in a pro kitchen.

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