60 thoughts on “Championship Series Day!”

    1. He was really determined that inning to get thrown out. After having replay overturn his being doubled off first, he then gets thrown out stealing second. That's hilarious.

    1. I misread the box. I thought Robertson started the inning. Bummer. That would have been huge criticism for Girardi. The first 2 runners reached when Gray was pitching, so I guess most will believer Girardi was right in bringing in Robertson.

  1. If it wasn't for Frazier's popup off his bat handle falling in for a single, McCullers would be no-hitting the Yankees at Yankee Stadium in the postseason through 6 innings.

  2. WFAN ad: Hackensack Meridien Health. Just leave your deductible in a brown paper sack by your bed.

  3. You know, I had thought I was past getting overly upset at seeing the Yankees have success, but they really do make baseball worse.

    Edit: also Joe buck

  4. I was thinking there was going to be criticism of the Astros for not bringing in Giles to start the 8th, but with him getting lit up, so much for that.

  5. This is the interesting thing about the LCS round. When the Dodgers won Game 2, both series had a team ahead 2-0. They have yet to play Game 3 and the other series is tied. Certainly gives the Cubs and their fans hope.

  6. Horrible sports day. Yankee comeback topped by a horrible injury to Gordon Hayward in the NBA season opener (6 minutes in).

    1. That sucks. I had forgotten that the NBA started today and hadn't checked the schedule for games. With the Wolves expected to be good and my favorite team, the Sixers, expected to be at least young and exciting, if not good in the East, I went ahead and got the NBA streaming service. I would have been mad at myself if I had missed their openers, but both start tomorrow.

    1. The zones have little predictive value. I'm assuming the cold zone is also based on either just the LCS or at best postseason overall.

  7. Rizzo has a lot of nails running in front of the batters box with the batter still there

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