47 thoughts on “Another LCS Doubleheader”

  1. First thing I heard when I turned it on was Joe buck saying "... Its starting to feel like the old Yankee stadium..."

    Nope, I can't watch this one tonight. I'm just gonna wait until either the world series or next season. I love baseball and all, but this is really not enjoyable.

    1. I'm "watching" on ESPN's Gamecast (MLB's Gameday was acting weird). I was watching the pregame on TV until they announced they were going to do a "man on the street" segment seeing what New Yorkers thought about the series. That was when I turned it off.

  2. Seems like a lot of Yankee hits have been just barely out of the reach of fielders, at least according to the Houston broadcasters. Hit 'em where they ain't, I guess.

      1. I wondered if that was a little exaggeration on the part of the Astros announcers. It's still a lot better than listening to John Sterling and Susyn Waldman.

  3. The Twins were in a situation identical to the Astros in '87 and '91--win two at home, lose three on the road--and it worked out pretty well. Don't give up hope!

  4. Given what's happened in the first three games, the Cubs either need to let the Dodgers score first or keep it a scoreless tie until the bottom of the ninth.

  5. I suppose it's common for those of you who live in California, but it sounds odd to South Dakota ears to hear an ad for earthquake insurance.

  6. THat ball would have probably hit the houses across the street is that danged scoreboard wasnt there

  7. Sam Ryan has to almost yell into Maddon's ear for the dugout interview. Maybe they should stop doing them.

    1. Maybe. But I'd be more concerned if they weren't playing in San Antonio. At least Thibs isn't force feeding Teague into crunch time just because he was just signed to a big contract.

      1. On the other hand, Towns allowed eight points defensively just by forgetting to box out or falling asleep on defense away from the ball. That has to stop.

        1. He looked.... off. Like, he was no great shakes on defense last year, but it looked like he was just out of sync in general last night. Maybe pressure from the heightened expectations this year? I expect he'll improve reasonably quickly as the first couple weeks roll on.

          1. True. I also can't wait for the season when the NBA refs start giving him the calls when he's trying to put back an offensive rebound and getting hi bumped by several opponents under the hoop.

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