23 thoughts on “2017 ALCS Game 6: New York at Houston”

    1. And then he let a shot bounce directly in front of him standing in the lane on defense so Utah could "grab" the offensive board off the bounce. Is he ever going to put together any defensive effort?

  1. Bottom of the fifth and first time anyone has made it to second for either team. Followed up by a rulebook double to score one.

  2. Short pop fly by Reddick can't score anyone but Altuve delivers with a two run single to left. Severino out and Green in.

  3. Wiggins just playing horrendously down the stretch to let Utah right back into the game. The Utah comeback led when he dribbled the ball off his leg out of bounds unguarded.

  4. Three straight possessions for the Wolves without having a shot even hit the rim down the stretch. Seen this before...

    1. I only watched the last 8 minutes. I saw Wiggins miss a terrible shot, dribble the ball out of bounds with no one around him, and foul a guy with a 4 point lead in the last 30 seconds. Awful.

      1. You're underselling the foul. 5 seconds left. Ball not in play, so Utah got free throws + the ball back.

        1. We're two games in and he's still the exact same ball stopping, low awareness wing he's always been. I'm already ready to start banging the trade drum.

          Also, more minutes for Bjelica, please and thank you.

    1. Short of Altuve hitting a few grand slams in Game 7, yeah. The Astros have one home run in the entire series.

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