71 thoughts on “2017 ALCS Game 7”

  1. Gotta figure out Sabathia.

    Also, they haven't ruled out using Verlander. That seems crazy to me, but what are you gonna do? I dont know if Charlie Morton is anyone's idea of a game 7 starter.

    1. Johnson could do it, why not Verlander. It would be pretty cool to get the save a day after getting the win.

  2. I wonder how long Hinch allows Morton to go. He had a tough luck loss earlier, but he's no Keuchel or Verlander.

  3. Astros broadcasters talking about bunting on Sabathia. It seems like everybody talks about doing that, but nobody ever does it.

    1. It seems to happen once, maybe twice, a game and that's it. I think the players consider it below them, plus they don't practice bunting otherwise so it's just hard to suddenly start bunting a lot.

  4. I keep hearing that the Yankees are undefeated in elimination games in the post-season. Um, guys, if they weren't, they wouldn't still be playing.

    1. If you don't lose, you wouldn't face an elimination game. The Dodgers have yet to play an elimination game (which is when you are facing elimination, not the other team).

    1. Gattis not only doesn't wear batting gloves, but he's wearing his (large) wedding ring. Dude feels no pain in his hands.

      1. Probably a low probability of a degloving injury in baseball, but that's what I'd worry about with the ring. If you develop and care for your callouses properly, the bare hands thing isn't so bad.

  5. McCann played against the Astros the last time they went to the World Series. He's also having a third of his salary being paid by the Yankees this year and next.

  6. Half happy the Yankees lost and half happy McCullers got the save. Hinch is now praying all his starters can pitch complete games next week.

    1. It was bizarre. The Yankees early in the count would take curveballs down the middle and then would just keep swinging at ones out of the zone. It was glorious to watch overanxious and overmatched Yankees hitters in the postseason.

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