32 thoughts on “World Series Game 4”

  1. Mrs. Hayes tried out her new pressure cooker tonight on a batch of meatballs with peppers, fennel, and radiatori. Everyone agreed it's going in the rotation; even the Poissonnier, who is cutting her canines, cleaned her bowl. Now I'm sipping a cup of Douglas fir spring tip tea and listening to Rockin' John's Fats Domino special. Once his show wraps I'll switch to the KLAC stream.

  2. The jalapeño and I are watching the game with my mom at my parents' house. It's a nice bit of intergenerational bonding. Plus I'm enjoying playing hooky from putting the younger one to bed.

  3. That's it? Wood gives up a hit and he gets pulled? Was he on a pitch limit that got expanded? Or, critically, Springer just faced him for the third time and Roberts was planning on pulling him anyway and was praying for one more out.

  4. I clearly haven’t watched this whole tilt, but pulling your starter who’s only thrown 76 pitches with a less than solid bullpen seems like too quick a hook, no?

  5. Keuchel at home tomorrow and then Verlander for Game 6. I'm sure Astros are still feeling pretty good other than their closer situation. Not like Jansen has been dominant, though. I think Astros need to finish in 6. If it goes 7, that's not good. Of course, if they lose tomorrow, they'll be very happy to have a Game 7. Still, this has been a fantastic series so far.

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