116 thoughts on “2017 World Series Game 5”

    1. I like that you tempered all those exclamation points with a nice bit of Minnesota understatement.

    2. I told my wife he was going to hit a bomb to tie it up. Of course, she is not a citizen, so she cannot back me up. However, 5 minutes after I told her I was rooting for Houston, she has become their biggest fan. So cute!

  1. Feels like for every Peacock-level outing from the Stros bullpen, there's at least a couple McHugh's waiting to happen.

  2. I'm pretty sure the execs at T-mobile are asking if there is any chance they can back out of the 20k per HR pledge.

  3. Still have a hard time getting past the "McCann as the [Yankme] enforcer of the unwritten rules" though.

  4. It was either going to be a normal cocktail with a bit left on the bottle, or a /interrupted by a Puig chip-shot bomb: wow. Watching reply ... /

    dude in the stands yanked the ball outta that lady's hand and threw it back ... what an asshole.

      1. Yea. I don't care that he's her brother-in-law. It wasn't his to throw back and he looked like a dick on national TV.

        1. Totally agree. And I'll qualify my "everyone's an idiot" statement by saying she's only an idiot if she was actually planning on throwing it back as well.

          1. There's a lot of pressure in those situations. The only HR ball I ever caught was hit by the visiting team.

            Thankfully, it was in Baltimore and I was wearing my Twins jersey, so no one really expected me to toss it back.

            1. The dude was all "you HAVE to throw it back" like doing so would affect the outcome of the game. Dude, get a grip.

    1. I'm helping Philosofette grade papers. I guess it's a good thing she has so many for me to go over?

      1. I'm thankful that I'm just watching/shadowing a hearing the next 3 days, so my only requirement is to basically stay awake.

  5. This is insane. Astros didn't make an adjustment that inning. Dodgers were sitting on changeups. All 3 hits were on changeups on the corner. Great hitting but bad pitch selection by Astros. Taylor took a fastball for a strike ahead in the count and then singled on a borderline changeup to tie it.

  6. For Dodgers to win, they'll have to use someone else to close or ask Jansen to pitch a third inning. I'm guessing the latter if the Dodgers take the lead in the 11th. Of course, have to get there first.

  7. I recorded five freaking hours. It ran out with Chris Taylor up in the ninth. Now I am watching live in the 12th. Unbefreakinglievable.

    Err. 10th. Just seems like 12th.

  8. When I fell asleep the first time blue was willing to call almost anything a strike. Now it seems that he's tightened the strike zone.

  9. A 2-out hbp with no one on base leads to a loss for the Dodgers with Jansen pitching. Dodgers have lost 2 games in this series when they gave leads to both Kershaw and Jansen, and in this game Kershaw had a 4-run lead and Jansen came into a tie game and gave up a run. Those were supposed to be the Dodgers' 2 biggest ace cards. Now they face Verlander in an elimination game on Halloween.

  10. The Astros really need to win it tomorrow behind Verlander. And yet, I see this series going 7 with the Astros winning behind McCullers starting and Keuchel pitching the rest of the way for the save.

    1. Try being an hour ahead! Even staying up until 11 doesn't help when the game lasts until 1 a.m.

      1. That's definitely one more reason I will never move to the eastern time zone. Mydwest for lyfe.

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