55 thoughts on “2017 World Series Game 6 and Winnipeg Jets at Wild”

        1. Yeah, Pujols lost .7 ft/sec just this season, and 1.4 ft/sec over three years.

          McCann was the slowest in baseball last year, and second-slowest (ahead of Dioner Navarro) in 2015. McCann’s three year average is 23.56 ft/sec, compared to 23.70 for Pujols.

      1. And it's a big gap between Pujols and the other 95% of players. Next slowest DH behind Pujols is Victor Martinez at 24.3 ft/sec. McCann has a tie with Juan Graterol.

        1. Now this was interesting:

          Adrianza was used as a pinch runner six times in 2017. Here’s where he ranks in sprint speed with some other Twins:

          Player Ft/sec
          Buxton 30.2
          Granite 29.1
          Grossman 28.1
          Sanó 26.9
          Mauer 26.7
          Adrianza 26.7
          Vargas 26.6
          Castro 25.9
          1. Would not have expected Grossman to be so much better than Adrianza. His terrible fielding numbers made me think he was quite slow. He was just below average this year so I wonder if he got really unlucky with positioning last year.

              1. Verlander’s in a virtual tie with Three Finger Brown in rWAR & JAWS. With a replacement-level year next season he should pass Stieb in rWAR and catch Tim Hudson, Mark Buehrle, and Chuck Finley.

                I think he’ll probably get to Cooperstown, but it’ll be interesting.

    1. One of my favorite baseball memories is the night he took on Clemens in his comeback. I had so much fun watching that game.

      Him getting the K here makes me happy.

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