Hey , everyone, we're going to make a Holiday Mix this year!
I'll wait for the applause to die down...

Anyway, yeah, it'll be great fun. Here are the guidelines:

  • Place up to TWO songs in a 'Spoiler' box. Unlike the Summer Mix, the first choice does not automatically get in.
  • As with other mixes though, popularity reigns, so multiple nominations with increase the likelihood of selection.
  • No need to limit it to one particular holiday, but try to keep your choices within the "holiday season" theme.
  • Obviously there are plenty of different versions of the same song out there. If you want a particular performance, please note which artist you'd prefer (links wouldn't hurt just in case). If no artist is nominated, it will add weight if someone else did pick a specific performance of the same song.
  • The mix will tentatively be released on 24 Nov 2017 as that is the earliest possible date that holiday music is acceptable.
  • And finally, building on that last point, we request this post not be a discussion of your favorite holiday music, etc. We'll have plenty of time for that after Thanksgiving.

So, drop your lists, nominations, and any music news below (but chill on your favorite version of "Jingle Bells")!

29 thoughts on “FMD 2017/11/02: WGOMXMASMIX”

  1. So, let's find out what'll be stuck in my head on my deer stand tomorrow morning:

    1. Pan Sonic* “Teurastamo” Kulma
    2. Shannon Stephens “I'll Be Glad”* Shannon Stephens
    3. Roger Knox & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts “Stranger in My Country”* Stranger in My Land
    4. Einstürzende Neubauten “Nnnaaammm (Panasonic Remix)”* Ende Neu Remixes
    5. Zola Jesus “Half Life”* Okovi

    6. The Cinematic Orchestra “Burn Out” Every Day
    7. Twilight Circus Sound System “Horsie” Horsie*
    8. Bonnie "Prince" Billy “The Southside of the World” Blue Lotus Feet
    9. Zola Jesus “Seekir” Versions
    T. Emot “Trees for Our Lungs” Trees & Claws EP

    1. I've mentioned it before, but my CD says "Panasonic". #CratediggersBrag
    2. Later covered by Bonnie "Prince" Billy
    3. Vic Simms cover. Featuring Guest Vox from Andre Williams.
    4. Same guys from #1. Still Panasonic here, in 1997.
    5. Instrumental, or at least without lyrics. There's wordless vox in the mix.
    7. Very good chill dub album from Ryan Moore, who quit the Legendary Pink Dots to commit himself to Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem (slightly different names across various releases) exclusively. I've listened to a few of the others from the late 90's, and it seems I only need one.
    8. "Where were the rapists... when I was a child?
    They were my neighbors; it's why I'm so wise."


    01. “But What Of Strangers” – Thao & The Get Down Stay DownKnow Better Learn Faster
    02. “V.I.P.” – By Divine RightAll Hail Discordia
    03. “Beautiful” – The Lemon TwigsThe Brothers Of Destruction
    04. “Fear the Future” – St. VincentMASSEDUCTION
    05. “Graveyard Shift” – Uncle Tupelo No Depression
    06. “Show And Tell” – Private InterestsOnly For A Moment
    07. “Goldeneye” – Frank OceanNostalgia-Ultra
    08. “Needles & Pins” – Superhuman HappinessThe Physical EP
    09. “Lovertits” – PeachesThe Teaches Of Peaches
    10. “A Message For Austin / Praise The Lord / Enter The Void” – ThundercatApocalypse


  3. I haven't made a list in a while...

    Hello It's Me - Todd Rundgren
    Love Is the Drug - Roxy Music
    Combat Baby - Metric
    Devil Inside - INXS
    Walls (No 3) - Tom Petty

    Champagne Jam - Atlanta Rhythm Section
    Rock Show - Wings
    Dance the Night Away - Van Halen
    Edie (Ciao Baby) - The Cult
    A Message to You Rudy - The Specials

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  8. By popular demand:

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  9. Mags and spoonto with my obvious first choice, though I don’t really like holiday in general I’ll throw in

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    1. 'Cutting Room Floor' SelectShow
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