FMD — Wilco Week

It's the start of Wilco week here in the Twin Cities as our buddies from Chicago come to the Palace Theater next week for three shows. Apparently it will be Wilco's last three live shows for a while as they are taking 2018 off. We'll see. Wilco gets derided by some (including me at times) as Dad Rock, and let's face it songs like Box Full of Letters, definitely fit that bill. But Wilco puts out some pretty creative music too, especially since Nels Cline joined the fold. Above is Spiders (Kidsmoke) which I would argue is some pretty challenging music for dads to be rocking out to. Apparently they've been playing it a bunch on this tour. I'll get to see it on Thursday. I can't wait.

Drop your lists, if you got 'em.

8 thoughts on “FMD — Wilco Week”

  1. 1. Jan St. Werner “Feed Opener” Blaze Colour Burn
    2. Nine Inch Nails “Eraser (Denial: Realization)”* Further Down the Spiral
    3. Aaron Dilloway “No Eye Sockets (For Otto & Sindy)”* The Gag File
    4. Tracey Lynn Gray “Streets of Tamworth” Buried Country 1.5: The Story of Aboriginal Country
    5. Autechre “Slip” Amber

    6. Pan Sonic “Kierto” Aaltopiiri
    7. Palace Music “Lost Blues” Lost Blues And Other Songs
        a. Gunnison Sage-Grouse “Display Calls”* (Cornell Essential Set)
    8. Zola Jesus “Veka” Okovi
    9. Bonny Billy & The Picket Line “We All, Us Three, Will Ride” Funtown Comedown
    T. Sarah Neufeld “Hero Brother” Hero Brother

    B1. Fever Ray “Red Trails” Plunge*
    B2. Julien Baker “Claws in Your Back” Turn out the Lights*

    2. Remix by Coil
    3. Conversation and ambient noise from people meeting for drinks, mixed and buried in murk, and made to sound kindof insane. Aaron's friends are probably not fond of the way they sound on this. (Although it might be him and his wife in there too.)
        a. Music Video

    B1. I think I'm losing patience with the Dreijers. Some good songs here, but if it wasn't for Silent Shout or Fever Ray, would I ever give this a second listen?
    B2. I want to give more attention to this, Really good on first impression and it feels like a good follow-up to her debut.

  2. (Caveat, I know neither of these bands well enough). True story: Yesterday The Jayhawks' "I Think I've Had Enough" came on and, not listening particularly closely, I thought Pandora had selected a Wilco song.

    Is that a thing? Thinking those two bands have some similarities? I ask, because of the caveat.


    01. “Looking For Astronauts” – The NationalThe Alligator
    02. “Do It Again” – KelelaCut 4 Me
    03. “Ghost Robot” – Willis Earl BealAcousmatic Sorcery
    04. “Keep The Customer Satisfied” – Simon & GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled Water
    05. “Two Angels” – The JayhawksBlue Earth
    06. “My Home Is The Sea” – Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Matt SweeneySuperwolf
    07. “Visions Of Johanna” – Bob DylanThe Bootleg Series, Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live, 1966, The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert
    08. “Ride” – LizzoBig GRRRL Small World
    09. “Glasses” – I’m From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends
    10. “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales” – Car Seat HeadrestTeens Of Denial


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